Just Say Hi Dating App Review UPDATE


Whether you are looking for friendship, love or fun Just Say Hi app has got it all for you. It is a fantastic app and easy to use. The app is an innovative and one the best dating apps out there. You can interact with local friends or from all over the world. You chat with new friends through videos, texts, photos, and audios. With Say Hi Dating software you will meet new people through videos, and you will enjoy much more fun. Outlined is the guideline on Just Say Hi Dating App Review.

1. What you need to know about Just Say Hi Dating App Review

Just Say Hi Dating App allows you to meet new friends around you and freely chat with them. You can use it to search for a partner, friends among other social needs you might be looking. With stable internet connections, you communicate with your contacts via text, videos or audios. The app uses a popularity system to help you stand out from other users and improve your visibility using videos profiles. The app is available on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store where you can download the app for free. With video chatting, you can know the personality of a new friend fast. You can browse videos profiles from the nearby friends or around the world. Additionally, you can join chat groups and generate your fan base. Importantly, App uses screening process for videos, photos and other content to ensure uploading of only appropriate content and safeguard the security of members.

2. Just Say Hi Dating App Review Stats

How long has Just SayHi been around?

Mingle Ltd started Just Say Hi on June 5th, 2009 in Wilmington.

What is the Focus of JustSay Hi app?

The app aims at networking of people who are searching for partners. If single and interested in finding love, you can trust Just Say Hi on finding your life partner. You interact with friends and share your location.

What is the Number of Member of the app?

Just Say Hi app has a range of 100,000-500,000 Android downloads.

How much does Just Say Hi cost?

The app is free to join, chat, browse, and chat on rooms. To unlock fans on your profile, you can purchase 100 coins for $ 1.99, 1500 coins for $19.99 and 3000 coins at $34.99.

Which Regions is Just Say Hi Available?

Just Say Hi app is available for download and use worldwide.

What Languages can you use in Just Say Hi app?

Just Say Hi app is available in widely spoken languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Hindi, Korean, Malay, Swedish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

What is Age Focus on the app?

The Just Say Hi app sign up accepts people from the age of 18-99.

What are Operating Systems Compatible with the App?

You can download Just Say Hi app on your Android devices and iOS devices. Additionally, you use the app’s website on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Just Say Hi Dating App Review - dating-apps.com

3. What it packs

Meet Local Members

With Just Say Hi app you can filter specific matches you want to interact. Your device location aids in identifying singles in the local area.

Interact with new friends

You can interact with your matches through video calls and audio messages all for free. The app also offers instant messaging for members. Also, there are notifications pops on top of the app to alert you to a match or a new private message. You can share your photos via the app. The app allows you log in using your Facebook account and Twitter. You can send gifts to your friends. The revolutionary video chatting makes Just Say Hi app the best app to find love.

Have Fun Networking

Use Emoji to keep the conversation interesting with your new friends. Join group chats and view fans to view other user profile pictures.

Track your Activity on the app

You can view users who liked your profile. You check whether your matches read the text.

Just Say Hi Dating App Review - dating-apps.com

4. The Last Word on Just Say Hi Dating App Review

Just Say Hi is a fantastic social app. Having introduced to my friends, one of the buddies was able to able to get a date for a short period. I helped him in signing up the app, and after uploading a few videos and updating his profile, he was able to get matches. After a week of chatting and getting to know one another Kelvin, my buddy, and Tina went for a beautiful date. We met with Tina, and to my surprise, her photos and videos were an accurate reflection of herself. Well, after now I know where to get my next girlfriend. Looking forward to networking at Just Say Hi. Everyone who has used and carried out Just Say Hi Dating App Review recommends it as the best video chatting dating site.

5. Just Say Hi Dating App Review Rating

The screening process of profiles which uses videos limits the number of scammers in the app and has an excellent matching system.

I would rate the app at 4.5. An independent survey in 2016 ranked Just Say Hi Dating App as the best. The group chatting feature, the ability for users to unlinking or unlike profiles and the high level of authenticity keep Just Say Hi Dating app review one of the best dating apps.

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