The Meet Me Dating App Review


A typical dating site with a familiar layout and feature pallets. We’ve seen on some of the well known and past social meet up sites (who remembers Tagged?!). This is a website based dating and social discovery website with apps on Android and iOS to compliment it. For our Meet Me Dating App Review, if you’re looking for a site that offers a range of fun and different ways to hook-up, then you might have just found the ideal app! Keep reading and you’ll learn more about what Meet Me has to offer you in your search!

The Meet Me Dating App Review – The Stats

Meet Me first came about in 2012 and has since been featured on many review sites. The focus is on relationship creation and social discovery. Some parts of the site are also suitable for finding people to simply stay friends. This is all quite clear by the ‘Blind Date‘ section and the ‘Admire‘ options. Giving a big hint to your next Mr or Miss Lucky. More about the different features of Meet Me in a while!

With a staggering one million active daily users, you won’t run out of people to meet! And by the way, 80% of this traffic comes from the app and mobile site. Proving that users are so hooked to the service, they take it with them everywhere they go! That certainly speaks for the app and users attraction to the service! And better yet, it’s entirely free to use! Joining the spectrum of dating apps in the free

Joining the spectrum of dating apps in the free range, doesn’t set it apart. But when you read about how much it offers, it might just appeal that much more to you. Available worldwide and to ‘all nationalities’ as mentioned online, you can get the app in fifteen languages. Including common languages like French, German, Dutch, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. 100million users boasted on the desktop site combined with

100 million users are on the desktop site combined with the apps availability means no matter where you go, you’re bound to find companions on Meet Me. The age focus here is primarily focused on teens and people in their twenties. As seen by the carousel of random users on the app when you log in. You can get Meet Me on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and of course, any other mobile device with a browser!

The Meet Me Dating App Review – What it packs

meet-me-dating-app-2So in short, I’d describe this app like Facebook and WhatsApp put together, with a focus on learning more about new people in your life. As opposed to connecting with people you already know. And after all, isn’t this what you want from a dating app?

Your profile gives plenty of opportunities to express your interests and answer questions asked by others. This gives you both the chance to learn more about one another. It’s all very friendly, and clear to use. User photos are one way of identifying other members. Another feature of the app is the ‘Read’ feature. This is to see when other users are reading and typing. It’s becoming a standard on all types of chat apps.

Meet Me Features

Meet Me’s app offers all the services you’ll find on their site, and that’s where it gets exciting.

  • First of all is the ‘Match‘ section, where you click Yes or No on random users profiles. This is reminiscent of Tagged for those of you who have used it in the past! This is a quick and fun way to find other users to connect with and although not unique, is enjoyable and shows off the user base of Meet Me.
  • Then there’s the ‘Locals‘ feature, where you can specifically look for users near you. This is great as it helps you find people you can go out on a date with, and really gets to the point where other sites and apps just don’t. You can even see which local users are online, making the discovery and dating process as quick as possible – for those of you in a hurry that is!
  • Then a rather familiar ‘Ask Me‘ section, which yes, again reminds you of other services like but it’s important to remember, Meet Me focuses on dating. And once more, it’s a central one stop site for dating and meeting people, so the ‘Ask Me’ section works great as a way to learn more about other users.
  • Blind Date‘, well, this is being discontinued soon in order for a new mystery section that hasn’t been announced yet to replace it, but take my word for it, if its anything like the Blind Date section has been, users are in for yet another fun way to discover their future dates!
  • Same with ‘Owned‘, which FYI was where users could play the game of ‘bidding’ a currency on each other – might seem silly, but hey, given the audience, this is the kind of fun that keeps the one million users daily online so something’s working!

The Meet Me Dating App Review – The Last Word

Would I recommend you use Meet Me’s app? YES. If this review has gotten you excited, and you truly enjoy the idea of meeting local people and these ‘game’ like approaches to finding other users then Meet Me is for you. I’ve touched on how it’s like other social networks – other ‘successful’ social networks – and that’s not saying it’s a blatant rip off, that’s saying: Meet Me combines all the fun ways we already know and love on the internet to interact and puts it in your hands to meet people for the sake of dating. And the app makes it even more convenient by allowing you to take it with you on your smartphone or tablet. And it’s free. You can download it right now on iOS, Android or just head on over to their website!

The Meet Me Dating App Review – Rating

I’m giving this a 5 out of 5. Because it’s simply exciting and offers so much. They’ve went the extra mile by offering a website service too, and practically anyone can use it which just adds to the experience. It’s a one stop feature packed dating app and service and they’ve even announced they’re replacing features and continually adding to Meet Me’s appeal. This can only make it better over time, and given how fun I found the experience personally today, it’s certainly one of my favorite dating apps. I honestly struggled to find the downsides to Meet Me for this Meet Me Dating App Review, an excellent result given how many let downs I’ve had with other – even bigger – dating apps and sites. Try it, you won’t be disappointed (or bored).

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