Hinge Dating App Review


What you need to know

Let’s start this Hinge dating app review by pointing out the fact that it is completely free. It is unique, once linked to your Facebook account, it finds matches for you by searching through your network of friends. Online dating becoming an increasingly popular way to meet new people. We all know that the most obvious way to meet someone new is via friends. This is the main concept behind Hinge and in my opinion, is an innovative take on an old-fashioned dating method.

The Stats

Initially launched in 2011, Hinge was spruced up and released in the USA as an app in December 2014. It has a presence in several locations around the USA including Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, New York City and Seattle. At the time of writing this Hinge dating app review, international locations included Toronto, London, Mumbai and Sydney.

Luckily, I live in London so I was able to use this app immediately. Unless more locations become available, this might not be the most efficient way of meeting people who live in your area. According to a Hinge spokesperson, as more users sign up, it will launch in other cities. Judging by its simple design and easy-to-use features, it certainly looks set to become one of the leading dating apps available.

After carrying out research to give readers an accurate Hinge dating app review, it is clear that this relatively new dating app is gaining popularity. I received at least 5-10 matches a day from people who lived in and around London. Which shows that there are a fair few people who have already signed up to this dating app. Although Hinge does not publicly share user statistics, more people are choosing to use this app for online dating.

The main focus of Hinge is to find matches for its users based on who they are friends with on Facebook. With an average user age of 23-36, Hinge is aimed at professional, educated individuals. It is completely free and available for use on both iOS and Android devices.

What it packs

hinge-2Now for the more detailed part of this Hinge dating app review. After linking up with your Facebook account, Hinge does all the hard work for you. It takes information from your profile and uses your Facebook photo as your Hinge profile picture. This is particularly handy as I always feel that filling out long profiles can be both time-consuming and quite frustrating. The fact that it takes all of your details from your Facebook profile makes using this dating app a fast and easy way of dating online.

Based on the idea that users will be friends with people on Facebook who have common interests, it also learns from the behaviour and choices of the user the more it is used. This gives the app a much more accurate idea of the type of person a user is looking for. After using this app over the course of a week, it did start to learn my particular tastes. The more people I liked, the more it matched me with people I shared common interests with.

As already mentioned in this Hinge dating app review, users need to link the app with their Facebook account. This validates the details on the profiles. Thereby making Hinge a trusted online dating environment full of people you know are genuine. As I have always been quite nervous when chatting to strangers online, this is a perfect way to quell my safety concerns. I knew from checking out appealing matches on Facebook that people were who they claimed to be.

Linking with Facebook is easy and creates a sense of safety.

You can set age and location preferences. Then based on your own network of friends, Hinge sends users on average 5-10 matches each day. The first day using this app proved to be quite exciting. I found that I was being matched with people that shared my interests and had at least a few things in common with me – namely mutual friends.

I found the ‘swipe’ function, popularised by Tinder, a very simple way to either swipe to pass on a match or ‘like’ it. Once I select the ‘like’ option, my profile moves to the queue of the person I ‘liked’. I appreciated the fact that only if interest was reciprocated would the person ‘liked’ be made aware of my interest. On one occasion when my interest was reciprocated, Hinge arranged an introduction via chat that proved to be very enjoyable. We had mutual friends on Facebook, I found that making conversation was relatively easy- as we had a starting topic of conversation that led to talking about other things.

Another great thing about this dating app is that you can set up push notifications and email notifications on your mobile devices. This makes it easier to receive alerts about matches, product announcements and handy online dating tips. The tips were especially useful as they tended to focus on safety and how to make successful conversation with potential suitors.

The last word of our Hinge dating app review

When carrying out research for the purposes of this Hinge dating app review, it was soon made clear that this dating app is not aimed at those who are looking for a short-term relationship. This will make it a popular choice for people looking for ‘love’. As appealing as this app is to people who are looking for something more long-term, perhaps the greatest thing about this app is that if you swipe to pass on a match, that person will never know that you were not interested.

The fact that all passes and likes are anonymous removes the risk of getting unwanted messages. Or suffering the potential embarrassment of rejection. This is definitely a benefit worth pointing out. There is nothing worse than showing interest in someone who then rejects you. A chat is only possible when your interest is reciprocated. You can rest assured that you won’t be getting harassing messages from people you’re not interested in.

Hinge is also very innovative in the way that it sets users up with friends of friends on Facebook. This way, you know that you won’t be set up with a complete stranger. You will always have the chance to investigate people by asking mutual friends about potential suitors.

Hinge Dating App Review Rating

And finally, the most important part of this Hinge dating app review – the rating. I have given this dating app 3.5 out of 5. Although it takes a new approach to online dating, functions are very limited and users are unable to browse at will. Ultimately they must to wait for the generated matches to be sent through to them rather than search through potential suitors on their own.

Despite availability in the USA reaching to over 30 locations, there is limited availability anywhere else. This will likely change in the future when more users sign up. For now, this is definitely a drawback.

However, Hinge is very easy to use. Profiles can be launched in less than a minute thanks to the clever idea of pulling your details straight from your Facebook account.

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