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What You Need to Know About Skout

You’ve probably come here looking for a Skout dating app review. Still, Skout is more than a dating app. This robust friend finder makes it easy to forge all sorts of different real-world relationships that are professional, romantic, artistic, social, or which criss-cross and overlap between these various categories.

It’s location-centric search function also makes it easy to connect with like-minded and exciting individuals in different cities that you’re planning to visit.

With this Skout dating app review, you’ll quickly come to realise that the company’s primary focus is to take out any stigma that still might surround meeting people online. In fact, given that most people are practically attached to their smartphone it’s safe to assume that meeting your partner online will be the norm. Skout promises to be one of the leading dating apps with a range of features that set it apart from the rest of the players.

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Skout dating app review – The Stats

Although it’s made significant gains in popularity recently, Skout was launched way back in 2007 as a social network at a time when having a Facebook profile wasn’t yet a requirement of modern life, and MySpace was still a hotspot on the web.

The thing is, right from the get-go, most people (about 80%) on Skout version 1.0 were using it almost exclusively as a dating site and so in 2009 CEO Christian Wiklund and CFO Niklas Lindstrom relaunched the website with that focus. That same year Skout also launched their first version of an iOS app and a year later the Android app followed.

No reasonable Skout dating app review could fail to mention the sexual assault scandal that rocked the company back in 2012, but the company has gone out of its way to safeguard users and separate its teenage based app (13 to 17 years old) from the standard adult app.

Currently, Skout is available in 180 countries in 16 different languages. It behoves us to also mention in this Skout dating app review that this unique social network is especially popular in Asia, and is a useful tool for anyone planning on travelling there.

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What It Packs

Skout makes use of your mobile device’s GPS to find other people in your general area, although it never gives out a user’s exact location and you can disable the location tracking features of the app. Still, Skout is all about meeting new people and the features reflect a concerted effort to be genuinely aleatory in its matchmaking.

Here’s a lowdown on (some of) the main features in Skout:

Partner preferences

You can narrow down the pool of prospective partners by specifying gender, area, age, and viewing habits.

Who checked you out

Unlike lots of friend finding and dating apps, Skout makes it easy to see who’s been scoping you out (without any third party plugins, websites, or apps).


When you click on the ‘Interested?’ icon and Skout will suggest users to check out. Click on the check mark, and you automatically send a chat request.


With ‘Buzz’ you can leave an open message to all Skout users (filtered by category).


Travelling to another city and want to meet some locals? By spending some of your Skout Points, you can connect to Skout users in the general area of your prospective destination. It’s like having a VPN!

As for ‘Skout points’, these are available to paid Premium Skout users, or you can earn them by inviting friends onto the app via a shortcode, “selling” private photos in your “backstage” and receiving a percentage, filling out surveys on ‘TapJoy’ and other ways.


This is a space where you can mingle with all of the Skouters who are online at a given time and are up for it and sure enough, no matter what time of the day or night it is there’s always plenty of people to chat with, send pictures, or give virtual gifts to.

Shake to Chat

If there’s one thing we want to get across in this Skout Dating App review is that the app does an excellent job at trying to recreate the random, chance meetings that occur in real life in the social networking space.

This is best exemplified in Skout with the app’s ‘Shake to Chat’ feature where you literally do an RNG style scramble search to come up with a random user and send them a chat. The identities are withheld for the first 40 seconds of the chat as a safeguard.

Skout Dating App Review -

The Last Word

Even though people are using Skout for professional, artistic (looking for other musicians in the area to jam with?), and purely social purposes, it’s safe to assume that a lot of you are here looking for Skout dating app review. So that’s where we’ll focus.

Right away, one of the big advantages that Skout has over other dating apps is that for whatever reason, there are lots of girls on the platform. Not only that, but a lot of the women on Skout seem to initiate the chats. This gives Skout an advantage over other dating apps.


Finally, to end this Skout dating app review, we’re going to give the app 4.5 stars (out of five). We can’t give it a perfect score for a few reasons. For starters, the free version is full of ads. This app also seems to consume a lot of data to the point where you might even notice your phone heating up after being on Skout for a few hours.

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