Tastebuds Review


Tastebuds Review – What You Need To Know

This is a really exciting and interesting dating app. It doesn’t feel like just another dating site- doesn’t really feel like a dating site at all. Even the setting up process is engaging and pleasurable. The opposite of the frustration of setting up a profile on many sites. Right from the very first interaction you are offered a series of options for what you want from the site. They include concert buddies and new friends as well as dating, and the extremely useful “Don’t Know Yet!” option.

Tastebuds Review – The Stats

The Tastebuds dating app is a clever little thing which links to your iTunes account if you have one, though it’s perfectly possible to set up your Tastebuds account without one. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later. The basic account is free to join and to use, although sending private messages on this dating app requires an upgrade to a paid level called the Backstage Pass, which will cost from a top rate of £10 a month down to only £5 a month, depending on how long you sign up for -longer terms are rewarded with a better rate. So far it’s only available in English.

Tastebuds Review – What It Packs

Tastebuds is based around the simple belief. One I think we all share when we’re younger. The best way to find someone who really “gets” you is to share tastes in music. It’s a much broader site than simply a dating app. With concert buddies and friends a realistic option rather than just another euphemism for a hook-up. It has a real community feel about it. A sort of dating app crossed with a social media platform. People ask each other questions that aren’t dating related- the chat sections have threads on “The Best Punk Song Tastebuds ReviewEver”, and “Word Association”.

The basis of your profile, though, is your musical taste, and even setting that up was fun. The app quickly got the hang of my tastes and suggested bands that I’d like. It was nearly always correctly, and quite often relatively obscure bands I’d forgotten about. Then there’s a series of questions to answer if you want. They let you see what your similarities and differences are from the other users. These can be really fun, and seeing what the other users have answered is revealing- for example 44% say that they are currently students, and 4% that they are members of a cult!

The features

A couple of the features are particularly original. The app allows you to send a song to other users, which seems to divide opinion with some feeling that it could get a bit creepy. Personally I love it- while I might be a bit uncomfortable if someone random sent me a love song, I’d be really open to new music sent my way and the idea of sharing your own tastes with like minded people is at the heart of the site.

The other feature I really loved was the Message Bomb. You pick a question from a drop down menu and it is then sent to eight of the people that you’ve been matched with for them to answer. It is a brilliant facility, really fun to use and with an impressive list of questions. Exactly the kind of thing you’d chat about with your mates over a late night glass of wine- ranging from wide and deep questions such as “What makes you happy?” to the lighter “Would you rather have plates for hands or cups for ears?” (for the record- definitely cup ears).

Tastebuds Review – The Last Word

This is as much a music lover’s site as a dating app. If you’re not really that bothered about music then keep walking- nothing for you here! But if you are keen on music, and a generally enthusiastic and curious person, then this is a fascinating site. It offers just about anything you could want from personal relationships. New mates, someone to go to that gig with, even the love of your life. The only issue I found with it- but it’s a biggy- is that it really isn’t playing to a diverse audience. Within the UK there are only 8 members who identify as of Asian heritage, no Jews at all, and only 2 Muslims. How much that bothers you will depend on what you’re looking for. But it seems a shame.

Having said that, it’s the only flaw. I absolutely loved this site; loved setting up my profile, loved the engaging sense of really connecting with people, loved the feel of being a student again asking silly questions about life, the universe and everything. It’s a shame it isn’t more diverse, but even given that flaw I still think I’m going to take down my review profile, and set myself up a real one!

Tastebuds Review – Our Rating

Did I mention I loved it? I really like nearly everything about this site. The way that your matches are sorted by category is great. I got matches grouped by things like “fans of Sex Pistols”, and “goes to a lot of concerts”. Getting a sense of where I fitted in the community by how closely my answers to questions fitted with the majority responses. I loved the emphasis on music and the way that you can see at a glance on someone’s profile what bands they’re into. I like the way the app tells you clearly when you look at someone’s profile if they are a good match for you, and why.

Well, I could probably go on all day about what I liked. I didn’t lack the lack of ethnic diversity. But signing up for a dating app is a voluntary thing and I’m not sure Tastebuds can do much about that. Can I give it 4.99999999 out of 5 ?

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