Meet Me Outside Dating App Review


Adventure awaits! Or does it? We take a look with our Meet Me Outside dating app review, to discover if they live up to their playful name.

The Meet Me Outside Dating App Review


What you need to know:

Have you ever had an app insist that you go skydiving with someone that you have just met? Well, this is the rather bold focus of Meet Me Outside, a relatively new dating app. The mission of this app is, as it states, to turn dates ‘from awkward to adventure’. All of its marketing material (and its functions once you get inside the app) are geared towards setting you and your date up to do particular activities that are based on your common interests. The principle behind this is that all too many dates revolve around two people meeting up and chatting. ‘

The principle behind this is that all too many dates revolve around two people meeting up and chatting. ‘Why do this,’ thought the founders of Meet Me Outside, ‘when they could be skydiving or running a marathon instead?’ This Meet Me Outside dating app review gives you the lowdown on what it is like to use this app. As well as, the pros and cons of using it to meet up with people.

A bit more about Meet Me Outside
meet me outside dating app review

Meet Me Outside was released in late 2015. Unlike other dating apps, it does not have a particular focus that distinguishes between people looking for marriage and people looking for casual hookups. This is because its main focus is something different. Dates that revolve around a particular activity. The app is free to use. It is relatively new, so the founders have not released data about the number of users.

The app is available throughout the world in theory. And in whichever language, you have installed on your phone. However, you are more likely to get your 7 unique matches per day (as promised by the app) if you live somewhere where the app is being used regularly. Currently, Boston remains a key hotspot for this app. This is not surprising as this is where the creators of the app live. The app has only been around for a year. Minimum age for downloading Meet Me Outside is 17. When you download it you can see that the main age range using this app are people in their 20s who are fit and active. This app can be used on iOS and Android.

What it packs:

The app offers the same features for men and women. This includes social media integration so that (the app’s creators suggest) you can show people the ‘real you’. Key functions and features that ought to be mentioned in any Meet Me Outside dating app review are the types of data that the app reveals about people. You can see people’s age, a photo of them and their workout and exercise interests.

You can also see their ‘Bucket List’. Things that they would like to do, like skydiving or snorkeling. The idea is to match people up with similar bucket lists so that they can tick an item off that list together. This Meet Me Outside dating app review should also definitely mention that the app was very quick to download and very easy to get started with. This is mainly due to the social media integration feature.

The last word:

If I had to summarize this Meet Me Outside dating app review in a few sentences, I would say that this app is perfect if you want to enjoy a great experience. It actually did make dating far less awkward. As there was no anxiety about what we should do or where we should meet. The app suggests that for you. There is also no need to sit around having an awkward silence-filled conversation when you use this app as you are busy engaging in your chosen activity. Is it a good way to meet a life partner? Probably not. As the algorithm does not process a lot of information about someone. You also do not feel that you really know the other person when you decide to meet up with them. Is it a good recipe for having fun? Definitely, yes!


3 stars.

All in all, my Meet Me Outside dating app review is an average one. This is a fun, quirky app that is great for trying something different or ticking an item off your bucket list. However, I found it more useful for finding occasional gym buddies. Or swimming and skydiving companions than for finding someone either to date or hook up with. This is due to the app’s focus on activities, and, above all, physical fitness.

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