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What you need to know

It seems that many online dating apps these days are geared towards conversation. Time and time again, we can find ourselves having a long, involved conversation on OK Cupid, baring our soul and then never meeting up with this person who knows our deepest secrets. Many people are online lovers but have never met in person. Do you want to cut the chat, cut straight the chase and get engaged in some ‘naughty’ (Quickflirt’s term) fun? Quickflirt may be the perfect app for you. This app is focused on (yes, you guessed it) quick flirting that leads to almost instant meetings with dates near you. This Quickflirt review explains what it is what this app features and what it is like to use the app. At the end of my Quickflirt review, you will find a star rating that sums up what I thought of this newcomer to the online dating scene.

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The Quickflirt Review stats

Quickflirt was released in 2017 and last updated (to version 2.6) in July 2017. It is only available for iPhone currently (and requires at least iOS 7.0), though it is available in an incredible variety of languages, including English, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Korean, and Simplified Chinese to name but a few. As this is a relatively new app, the Apple Store is still collating details on the number of downloads.


On the Quickflirt website, you can see the claim, prominently displayed, that the app has over a million active users every week. As there is currently no external data available to verify this claim, I’d caution all readers of this Quickflirt review to take it with a pinch of salt. The app is available worldwide, though its focus is the UK and other Anglophone countries: in the web version, there is a separate Quickflirt site for US users, as well as dedicated sites for regions like Spain and Norway. The app is theoretically available for adults of all ages: you need to be over 17 to sign up. Most users seemed to be in their 40s on average when I signed on to the app.


Finally, we come to what is perhaps the most shocking part of this Quickflirt review: the cost of the app. Though it is free to sign up to Quickflirt, to actually arrange dates you need to pay for Full Membership which is (drumroll please) a whopping £19.99 per week. This makes it one of the most expensive dating apps around. As mentioned at the start of this Quickflirt review, the app’s focus is on quick hookups and ‘naughty fun’ rather than on finding a life partner – though who knows what may happen?

Quickflirt Review Dating App - dating-apps.com

What it packs

Quickflirt is a very image based app.

Users upload a profile photo and a few more carefully selected photos, set their interests (be they sports, or in dating people from a particular profession or race – yes we’ll get to critiquing that last part later). Then, users can send ‘flirts’ or ‘winks’ to each other to show each other that they are interested. The site is initially cagey about what you get with Full Membership, but suffice it to say that if you wish to chat without limits and arrange meetings, you will end up having to fork out just under £20 per week to do so.

There are also ‘dating communities’ that you can join to connect up with several like minded individuals at once. These communities embrace a broad range of very diverse themes, such as ‘military dating’ and polyamory. Using the app is not markedly different depending on your gender: the focus here is more on defining yourself by your interests and the type of person that you are hoping to hook up with.

The last word

Frankly, this site was glossy to look and worked without a glitch, but it was most definitely overpriced. If I want a casual hookup or an instant date when I am at a loose end in a new city, I can use an app like Tinder, Bumble or OK Cupid for free. The app does push people to arrange dates as frequently as possible, most likely because they are trying to get their money’s worth.

Beware, too, the fact that your subscription will be renewed each week automatically, so you have to go in manually to cancel it at least 24 hours before the next payment is due to be taken to prevent the money being docked from your Apple account.

I also found some areas of the app highly problematic: the fact that an app launched in 2017 has a section labelled ‘interracial dating’ for instance did set off alarm bells, and the general tenor of this part of the app smacked of fetishisation more than anything else. The different dating communities that the app’s founders had chosen to represent were interesting: Farmer’s Dating competes for attention with Lesbian Dating, Mature Dating over 40 and Single Parents’ Dating, for instance.

However, as I mentioned above in this Quickflirt review, the apps’ categories are often problematic. Groups such as ‘BBW Dating’ and ‘Cougar Dating’ seem to be lifted straight from a male dominated porn site, and so I was not surprised that there was a very uneven gender split for this app – most of the app’s users seemed to be white, heterosexual men.

Also, the category of ‘Senior Dating over 50’ appeared to be potentially offensive. Most other dating sites don’t categorise singletons over the (relatively young) age of 50 as ‘seniors’, and I know more than one person over this age who has felt put off from using the site because they didn’t identify as someone who falls into that category. Though there are ‘Gay’ and ‘Lesbian’ categories, moreover, what about non-heterosexual people who do not identify with either of these groups? I feel that apps such as OK Cupid do much more to embrace the full spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation than Quickflirt does (though of course, there is always room for improvement and development).

Quickflirt Review Dating App - dating-apps.com

Quickflirt Review Rating

If you have read all of my Quickflirt review, you will no doubt be prepared for a low star rating. Without further ado, I award Quickflirt the grand total of:

1 star.

Quickflirt is an app that is hideously overpriced, and that does not offer you anything that you cannot get for free from other dating apps (Tinder and Grindr are good examples). Also, the app attempts to shoehorn its users into somewhat odd and problematic categories. Yes, it’s good at finding local people to flirt with, and it tends to run without a glitch. However, why would you want to spend £19.99 per week on this app when you could meet someone on a free app and use that money to buy some drinks for you both, half of a delicious meal for two or perhaps something nice to wear for your date with them, instead?

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