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All You Need to Know – the OKCupid Dating App Review

These days, there are critics for almost everything under the sun. They have, time and again, lamented about technology. How the Internet, smartphones and apps have been instrumental in the alienation and disconnect within the modern society. What they have conveniently overlooked is that technology has also been really good at bringing people together. Now take the example of dating apps. They’ve made connecting with those around you (or perhaps not so around) as convenient as a swipe left or right on your smartphone. OKCupid has an enviable reputation for being the most popular data-driven dating site. They have the stats to prove it. They’ve made sure their app lives up to the hype. If you are the chatty type and love good puzzles, this is THE app for you!

Another OKCupid differentiates themselves from the rest of the internet dating world is with their slogan:

Substance, not selfies.

Wanna nerd out a bit? Here’s a TED-Ed video about how OKCupid works from Christian Rudder, one of the founders.

Ground details

Called the ‘Google of online dating’ by the Boston Globe. The website – founded by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn and Christian Rudder – evolved into an app in 2009 to keep up with the smartphone boom. Its version 1.0 was first tracked on November 25, 2009. It has of course been modified over the years. The latest version 8.7, as of 9 May 2017, keeps in line with the latest trends in online dating. The OKCupid dating app has universal compatibility.

Talk to me…
According to the iTunes Store, the app takes up 49.4 MB and is primarily available in the English language. Other languages available include Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. In the app world, it rated high 17+ (quite impressive, huh?). The app requires iOS 9.0 or later versions. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple watch.
What’s it gonna cost me?
In general, the app is free, but you can of course upgrade. For the OKCupid dating app, a single month package starts at $9.99; for a 3-month package – $23.99; $29.99 for a 6-month package and an annual package is available at $39.99. Payment is charged to your iTunes account on purchase confirmation. Renewals go to your account within 24 hours before the expiry of the current 1, 3, 6, or 12-month time periods. You can turn off auto-renewal by going to the iTunes account settings post purchase. But you can’t cancel a current subscription while it’s active.
What’s this ‘A List’ I keep hearing about?
Why would you pay to join the ‘A List’ for extra features when the app is initially free? If you like having lots of filter options for your messages, the ability to control who sees you and want to save your messages then it’s worth it. More specifically you can browse invisibly and change your username. You can see if you’re wasting your time by knowing if someone read your message or not. Free accounts don’t get these perks, but not everyone needs these things. So it’s really up to you.

OKCupid Dating App Review - Dating App Reviews - dating-apps.com

Pros & Cons

okcupid-2The app has all the functions of their website in mobile app form. Like building a profile, checking out and rating other profiles, answering quizzes and chatting up potential dates. You can upload photos from your phone directly onto your profile.

As per several OKCupid dating app review write-ups online, the app uses a mathematical algorithm to calculate best matches. Making dating simple and absolutely fun. And, it’s 100% free! Their algorithm is such that it saves you time by ranking your matches based on your choices, preferences and what you care about. It enables you to send and receive as many messages as you wish without needing to pay. You just need to like profiles and see who’s interested in you. That simple.

The most inviting features in OKCupid are that you can broadcast your date suggestions, and rate other member profiles. The OKCupid dating app, scores high for readability and speed, despite having a busy interface. Meaning you can quickly view who is a good match. The interface offers some more details about that person. OKCupid members receive notifications when someone views their pages. A good feature, but may intimidate some less-experienced online daters.

The OKCupid dating app allows family sharing. Designed to allow few infrequent/mild references to alcohol/tobacco/drug use. Profanity/crude humour, suggestive/bold/mature themes and mild sexual content and nudity are all on the no-go list.

An unevenly mixed bag of goodies

  • According to our OKCupid dating app review, this app is a mixed bag. On a user-experience front, the app is well-worth some love and admiration. Especially for the easy and convenient approach to locating amazing potential matches. Their algorithm and statistical calculations find matches more suitable compared to other dating sites. Their website claims 7.3M messages go through their systems every day. That’s an awful lot of people chatting. And they are chatting for good reasons. The details you key in are matched up against the database of profiles to present you with apt choices. Sometimes unwanted and shady characters may pop into a chat.
  • One major downside is the multitude of fake profiles and bogus messages from disturbing elements that potentially will clutter your inbox. Which may give you second thoughts about this dating app. This can also be a downside for people who are a bit shy. Being bombarded by catfishers or rejected by members who looked interesting can be intimidating. Of course, when online you are bound to bump into the occasional sleazebag or bot. Some people have nothing else to do other than pester people online. Firewalls and privacy settings do their best to take care of the majority of it, but they seem to be out en mass here. With a small OKCupid team of 48 people and over one million sign-ups a week, what can you expect?
  • The OKCupid dating app is great, however, if you actually land on genuine profiles. There are easy and simple ways of communicating with your potential matches. Aside from the weirdos, there are plenty of good profiles that await discovery. These are based on your ‘match percentage’ with them, again math of course! This, coupled with answering the surveys and quizzes will get you into the OKCupid algorithm and on your way to finding potential matches.


OKCupid Dating App Review - Dating App Reviews - dating-apps.com

Cutting a long story short

This dating app is the answer for outgoing, social people looking for casual flings, casual meet-ups and coffee or bar dates first and foremost. Lower on the list, it includes people looking for more serious long-term relationships. The complex array of match-making questions that this app uses goes a long way in making a solid ground to foster lasting and serious connections. No surprise that I give it a 4.5 out of 5!

If you want a dating app experience that is more data-driven, then the OKCupid app is just what you’re looking for. Because math. You can’t beat math.


App Store 4/5 stars

Google Play 4/5 stars

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