Grouper Review – Virtual Matchmaking


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Today I will be reviewing a one-of-a-kind dating app. Grouper Social Club. My first impression? The words, “Virtual matchmaker,” come to mind. Grouper Social Club is something everybody is going to want in on. The Grouper Team takes the matchmaking into their own hands, and takes the stress off of yours – in a discreet and confidential setting. Here is what I found during my Grouper review.

Grouper review – What you need to know

grouper reviewGrouper Social Club seems to be geared towards the elite iOS users. It’s an invite-only service, so someone with an iPhone has to personally invite you. Once you have signed up to Grouper Social Club, it seems to gather your Facebook information – such as your profile, age, where you work, hobbies etc. Grouper Social Club then creates the perfect match. The two individuals, who Grouper has selected, are then requested to bring along two friends to accompany them on their arranged “date.”

What I quite like about this concept is that it is completely confidential. It is literally a blind date. Grouper Social Club divulges absolutely not information what-so-ever. Not even names, photos or profile pictures. Can you imagine the excitement? And best of all, is that Grouper Social Club enables that the two matches feel as comfortable and safe as possible, by requesting that they each bring along two friends.

Grouper Social Club then selects a preferred location. Upon arrival, the group will find that Group Social Club has arranged one round of complimentary drinks, all costs included, and has set aside a table reserved specifically for them. I think this is absolutely fantastic.

Grouper review – The Stats

The Founder of Grouper Social Club is Michael Waxman. He launched Grouper in 2011. Their headquarters are situated in New York and are run by a group of 25 people. Grouper is an offline Social Club which first analyses potential couples profiles through a computer and then adding the personal touch of a human, to ensure the match is 100%. Grouper arranges meetings throughout 25 cities. They also arrange for same-sex couples.

They feature real-time CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Grouper appears to communicate directly with their clients. After their arranged blind date, Grouper does a follow up to find out how their evening went. They then store this feedback for any future potential matches. If you liked your date, the Grouper Team will keep it confidential, unless its mutual, then Grouper will try to officially set the both of you up. If not, feel free to move along guilt free.

Grouper Social Club is available in over 25 major cities in the USA and is available for download on iPhone. As of this present moment, Grouper App has not been launched for Android. If you do not have an iPhone you may sign up on their waiting lists. In the meantime, you will still be able to join your iPhone friends on their Groupers.
Each Grouper coast $17 per person or $55 in total. Each of you – your date and friends – will be liable to pay for the Grouper. This includes your Grouper fee and the coverage of the first round of drinks.

Grouper review – What it packs

grouper reviewThe Grouper Social Club App allows push notifications, alerts and allows users set up Groupers within an hour with no questionnaires to fill out. Grouper Social App also has its own page on Facebook, which has over 10,000 likes.

Each day at noon, you will receive potential matches. Once Grouper has an idea of what you are looking for in a potential partner and you are ready for them to book your Grouper, select the “GO” button. Once you have a confirmed Grouper, there will be a penalty for cancelling. If it’s more than 24 hours away, the cancellation fee will be the full price of the grouper, which is $51.

If the Grouper is cancelled less than 24 hours before meet up, you will be charged the full price of your grouper, and the price of the other groups Grouper fee, which will add to a total of $102.

Grouper review – The last word

I must say, I like the fact that Grouper Social Club takes a personal interest in their client’s matches. I also find the fact that they are safety conscious, by requesting that you bring along two friends, very appealing. Our day-to-day living is so fast paced, no one has time anymore, not even for arranging dates. Grouper gets that.

Even if your date doesn’t work out Grouper will keep at finding the perfect match for you by storing all the information they have obtained from you after your follow-up. So if there is anything specific that you found to be off-putting, know that the team at Grouper will ensure that next time you have a better match. It’s all extremely fun and a great way for you and your friends to make new acquaintances along the way.

However, the downside is that it is going to cost you big time if you cancel- even if you do have a genuine excuse. If you cancel your Grouper LESS than 24 hours before your arranged Grouper you’re in big trouble. Even if you are in hospital with a bad case of food poisoning. Not only will you be liable for your Grouper, but EVERYONES’S Grouper!

Grouper, unfortunately, becomes expensive when you have to pay the bulk of your Grouper and cancellation fees. If your date was a success then great, it was worth it. In reality, we all know we have to go on a few bad dates to find a suitable match. This will cost time you time and money. No one’s going to be having fun when they are wasting money, time and time again, on unsuccessful groupers. It may prove to become an expensive hobby indeed.

Another added flaw may be the fact that when you are dealing with people, there is the strong possibility of plans failing. Unreliable friends who don’t show up, leaving you woman (or man) alone. Even with the possibly three members of the opposite sex which is directly opposite of what Grouper was meant to be – a safe, fun environment.

Grouper review – Rating

Grouper is hard to rate, as for people with money, who like this kind of rather “confrontational” dating where you bring your peer group, it’s a great service. I think it’s no refund policy is pretty harsh. I wouldn’t want to take that risk to be able to take the risk of meeting someone that some people somewhere and a computer thought could be a good match. I’ll go with 2.5 points, because I like the idea but not it needs to be made affordable.

Service is closed!