Pozee Review: Best of dating apps for real live interaction


.Pozee markets itself as unique among dating apps since it facilitates “the way single life was meant to be–real conversations, with real people, in real life.” While this may appeal to people used to this dating dynamic (e.g. people in their 30s or 40s+) it does require you to be at live events, venues, or common spaces, as it will only show you potential dates within 50m of your location at any given time. This ain’t no “browse dating profiles while I’m home in my pj’s” party, so if this is your M.O. you may want to stick with other sites. Pozee is best suited for those who tend to get out and can handle some face-to-face conversation. I’ll explain further below in our Pozee Review.

Pozee Review – The Stats

pozee reviewThe English language Pozee dating app was released in October 2015, with the aim to help singles to identify themselves as being single to those immediately around them in a discreet and private manner. At the time of writing, Pozee’s Facebook page had 326 likes and a Twitter following of 204. Neither social media site had been updated within the last 5 months. However, the Pozee website is very informative and easy to navigate and has a detailed FAQ page with clear explanations of how the app works.

Current member numbers are unavailable. It should be noted that the app is right now only in Australia, where it is being beta-tested. At the time of writing, the Pozee website allows for U.S. states only as a dropdown selection for “city”, regardless of which country you pick as your geographic location. Pozee’s website states: “We’ll prioritize launch cities based on user numbers, so encourage your friends to join the chorus for change.” If you click on the “Download on the App Store” button on their site, it will take you to your native country’s iTunes.

Only for Australia so far

If you are not in Australia, you can choose to join their email list and be notified when the app is coming to your location. The app is currently available free of charge for download on iOS only (versions 6+). Although Pozee’s website states that they are currently in the process of making the app available on Android.

The focus of the Pozee app is connecting in real life. Where you take it from there is up to you. Because there are no details provided on what someone is looking for, or their age, people using the app will have to find that out by chatting with each other. Pozee is just a way to start that conversation. So it can be used by people of any age searching for hooking up, dating, new friends, a relationship or marriage. You’ll just have to suss that info out via conversation.

Pozee Review – What It Packs

Pozee prides itself on its stripped-down approach to profiles. “One recent photo and you’re done”, as Pozee puts it. (They also require you to enter your email, though this is not posted for others to view). For those of you fearing a deluge of messages from classless guys (or girls) who have had to put zero effort into actually taking the time to write up a decent profile…fear not. There is no in-app messaging on Pozee, unlike other dating apps. Users can view the one photo you’ve uploaded and that’s it. If they want to interact with you, they will have to find you in person, based on matching you with that photo. Goodbye, unsolicited messages from strangers asking you to send nude selfies!

If you’d prefer not to have everyone view your profile picture, Pozee has two modes: Public or Private. Public mode allows your profile to be viewed by everyone within 50m of you. Private lets you to select which viewers you’d like to see your profile. This is great if you would prefer privacy due to your profession, shyness, or other reasons. Using either mode, you have 2 hours to approach a person you’re interested in–after that, your interest’s profile is removed from your device.

Pozee has automated GPS shut off, so you can leave the app on without revealing your location or draining your battery. The app doesn’t require you to sign in via Facebook either, unlike some dating apps. Both of these features are nice for those with privacy or security concerns.

Pozee Review – The Last Word

My overall impression of this app is a good one. In the past, I’ve explored dating apps where I would be reading very detailed profiles. People state their intentions (what are they looking for–hookup? Marriage?), industry, age, interests, values, finances, health habits (smoker or non?). And despite all of this information, more often than not I would end up frustrated. It would take significant time to read all of those lengthy profiles. Sometimes I’d message back and forth with someone for days–weeks! Only to have them ghost for no apparent reason at the last minute when I suggested actually meeting up in person (gasp!). I’ve met people only to find out that their detailed information is not true. They are inches shorter than they stated, or a secret smoker, or still married. It’s frustrating and feels like a waste of time, and often like a job hunt, poring through candidates.

Unlike these dating apps, however, Pozee makes good use of the time you spend on it. You don’t have to take hours to compose a lengthy profile. You can begin meeting people right away, as there is no other way to interact! While it may not appeal to those who don’t get out much and prefer to browse through numerous profiles at home, it really worked for me. I’m a social person with a tendency to be a bit reserved about approaching people I find attractive.

Pozee Review – Rating

That sums up my Pozee review! I give Pozee a solid 4 stars, with the possibility of an upgrade once they open up to more locations.

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