The Inner Circle Dating App Review


Looking for something a bit more exclusive when it comes to a dating app? Are you between the ages of 25-45? Do you have an inspirational job that brings in an income in the triple digits? Then check out our Inner Circle Dating App review for more details about this elite dating app.


What you need to know:

If you’re looking to feel exclusive when searching for dates then look no further. It seems that everyone is on some dating app or another these days. But wouldn’t it be nice if online dating could feel more like a secret, VIP club? Well, that’s the goal of The Inner Circle dating app, according to founder David Vermeulen.

This app aims to bring together hand-picked individuals. Using their own ‘Selective Dating’ system to match other members, who are ambitious, professional and single. Their team approves each member ‘by hand’ so you can imagine how long the waiting list is! But this is also a good thing, when you’re looking for genuine connection and not just a casual hook up. There are other sites for this.

With this app, if its marketing material is believable, there is no need to worry about having to kiss a few frogs until you find your true love. All of the contacts that you make via the app will be just right for you. How do they weed out all these frogs? By not letting them in in the first place. This app is exclusive. And selective and not everyone gets in. Actually, most people don’t.

This The Inner Circle dating app review will take a look at whether or not this app achieves its purpose. And if it does, indeed, unlock a dazzling, exclusive world that takes online dating to the next level.


The stats:

The Inner Circle Dating App Review - dating-apps.comThis The Inner Circle dating app review is not just based on my subjective opinion of using the app. It is also based on research about it.

Who’s on it?

Figures from autumn 2016 show that the app is approaching 150, 000 fully signed up users, with another 125, 000 or so on the waiting list for approval. However, because (as mentioned above in this dating app review), this app is all about exclusivity members will not necessarily mind if these figures do not grow to the same extent as (for example) OKCupid.  

Talk to Me

The Inner Circle was launched in Amsterdam in 2012 and since then it has spread to numerous other cities (and thus, languages including English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and French). It’s now available in Paris, London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Berlin, Zurich, Milan and its most recent acquisition – New York. Both Android and iPhone users can access this elite and exclusive dating app. Users tend to be ambitious professionals and tend more towards the attractive end of the looks scale. Members are people who have stable, flashy careers. Who obviously enough money to attend The Inner Circle’s exclusive monthly events (many of which take place abroad).

What’s it gonna cost me?

This app is free to download, however, in actuality, you will need to pay. Even the most basic features (such as viewing your matches) are behind a paywall. This of course, all comes into play due to the exclusivity of the app. Your should expect to find members with high disposable incomes, so paying a monthly subscription for a dating app is not a monetary concern for most users.


What it packs:

The main thing to appreciate about this app is that every registration is approved by hand. When you sign up, you will initially have to wait on a list. Only after the app’s team have checked that you are the ‘correct’ (read: exclusive, professional, high flying, financially solvent) sort of person that they are looking for will they enable you to become a full member.

The user experience is pretty much the same for both men and women. This experience is what you would expect after reading this dating app review. Exclusive, refined, and with a great emphasis on sophistication and flashing your cash around on dates. If you make it through the selection process and gain access to their exclusive dating pool.

One of the important features of this app is ‘The Press Room‘. In this section, The Inner Circle reveals the latest ‘Hot Spot’ events organised by the dating app’s team. As I stated earlier in this dating app review, attending these exclusive parties often involves jetting setting off to exotic destinations. They can be anything from meeting a local luxury hotel or high-class restaurant to jet-setting across the planet for one their singles’ only parties. Often times The Inner Circle will hold VIP parties at festivals, for members only.

When at these exclusive gatherings, make sure to take photos and post them on your profile, so other members can see what you’re up to. Keeping your feed current and updated is vital for other to get to know you. This is another important part of this elite dating app. Showing off what you’re doing, who you’re with and what your next destination is. It not only keeps you active but builds trust when other users are checking out to see if you’re a good potential match for them.


The last word:

Of course, acceptance as a member of The Inner Circle feels great. It makes you a VIP in the elite dating world. Ready to meet other ambitious, young professionals. If you find it important to choose your partner based on their social status and ability to take a flight to Paris at a moment’s notice to attend a party then this very well might be the app for you.

For me, on the other hand, this emphasis on classiness ended up feeling a lot like class prejudice. So, although it was fun to see the insides of ‘The Inner Circle’, eventually I stopped using the app. My personal lifestyle doesn’t match up well with most of the other users. I prefer to meet people online who have similar interests – and not just a similar income bracket – to me.


The Inner Circle Dating App Review Rating:

I can sum up this dating app review in two words: one star. This app was definitely something new and unique. However, the old adage is true – money can’t buy you love. As is reflected by the ratings on Apple and Google Play. Of course the long waiting list and low number of actual members also contributes to this fact.




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