Gaudi Dating App Review


Looking to connect with guys you actually want to meet? Exhausted by meaningless chats and pumped-up pec pics? Our Gay App 2021 review of the Gaudi App reveals the enticing features of one of the newest kids on the dating block. But will it set you on the ‘highway to happiness’ as the developers claim?

What you need to know about the Gaudi App

Released in June 2020, the Gaudi App is still a baby. It comes from the family that brought you (or And it serves as a mobile version of these sites.

This means that all the content that is found on the Gaudi App is also on The one exception is the fabulous magazine. However, you do have a hot news feed instead. And this includes plenty of promotions and competitions.

But this baby has big, bold ambitions. Chief amongst these is the desire to bring some much-needed fun and friendliness to online interactions. The clue is in the name. Gaudi is a southern German word meaning fun and entertainment. And this is reflected in the App’s vibrant, colorful design. It oozes optimism.

Aimed at gay, bisexual and queer men, this Gay Dating App places a strong emphasis on diversity and community. Crucially, it wants to foster meaningful, stimulating connections and conversations. And then encourage you to take them into the real world.

So if you’re sick of time-wasters who are all talk then this could be the Gay App 2021 for you. ‘Take a walk on the wild side’ the developers say. But what does this mean in practice? And will it bring you closer to the devastatingly attractive guys you yearn for?

Gaudi Dating App Review – The vital stats

The Gaudi App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Download it on your Smartphone and tablet.

When downloading you can connect it to your account. But you don’t need to use this Gay Dating App.

Sign-up is free and easy. All you need is your email. This Gay App 2021 even lets you choose a cute nickname.

As with every Gay Dating App, upgrades are available. These offer you additional features that increase your visibility.

Costs are surprisingly affordable. Indeed, they put competitors to shame. Premium membership is just £.8.99 a month. And for an entire year the cost is only £48.99. That’s 44% cheaper than a certain other Gay Dating App which also makes prominent use of yellow in its logo.

Additionally, you can buy points which provide more features. However, you also accumulate points for free the more you use this Gay Dating App. A cunning ploy indeed.

But even with the basic membership you can dive in and get flirting immediately. And so to use another of the app’s catchphrases, fasten your seat belts… Let’s check out those features.

‘All You Need Is…’

A Gay App in 2021 that makes dating quick, easy and exciting. It’s what we all want. But it seems to be tougher than finding the Holy Grail. Enter the Gaudi App.

Click on ‘Browse’ and then ‘Filter’ to search for guys. You can filter based on multiple options including age, location, body type and even zodiac sign. Scorpios beware!

This Gay App 2021 uses GPS and Wi-Fi to match you to other Gaudi App users in your geographic area. This is standard for such apps.

But the real standout of this Gay Dating App is the Speed Dating option. Simply select the icon and the screen will fill with a guy’s profile. If he doesn’t take your fancy, click the X. But if he does, tap the shiny green star. And then the next guy appears. Like magic. It’s a clever and playful way to connect and chat faster with other uses.
There are multiple ways to make that first move. Start with a Flirt or a Friend request. Or write something. There are even suggestions for first messages. Not something I’ve seen on other apps. User-friendliness is paramount here.

Point scoring features

But this Gay App of 2021 is not just about one-on-one meetings. Its goal is to build and nurture an interactive community. Positive communication is key.

The pictures of guys used to advertise the app tell you everything. Sure, they’re sexy. But better yet, they’re smiling, laughing, exploring and enjoying themselves. The overall feeling is one of joy. And the Gaudi App achieves this in several ways.

Firstly, it celebrates diversity and an open-minded attitude. Unlike other Gay Dating Apps, the Gaudi App actively reaches out to all genders. At sign-up, you can choose to identify as a ‘man’, ‘trans’ or ‘non-binary’ person. These options are also present in all filters.

Secondly, as well as a neat video chat feature, you can get to know other users via a forum. Discuss everything from Beyonce to Biden.

Thirdly, you can share your secret fantasies and confessions in your profile text. All of these options stress the importance of getting to know the whole person. Not just yet another image of a stranger’s genitalia.

The Last Word

Many Gay Dating Apps pay lip service to community and diversity. But Gaudi’s imaginative and engaging features deliver on the promise. With its Speed Dating option, connecting with like-minded guys is fast and easy. And above all, great fun. This makes the Gaudi App a top Gay App of 2021.


Bold, bright and brilliantly modern, the Gaudi App will reinvigorate even the most jaded dating aficionados.

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