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What you Need to Know

If you are looking for a hookup then come closer, let me take you through the updated Pure dating app review. I was once looking for an after-dark adventure and thought to myself why not try hooking up with someone around? I had no idea of how I would go about the situation until I decided to go online. There, I found Pure, and it connected me with someone I choose not to include in this story, just know it was all great.

This app is direct, quick, and modest. Your private life is just private; there is nothing like email addresses, social media links and an end to end encryption security system also automatically deletes your chats so no one snoops into your conversations and you get the sense of anonymous hookup. Your selfie markets you in this app, you upload your selfie, and when you match with someone you feel each other, you get down. The good thing about uploading your photos is that the problem of uploading photos experienced in some devices is no longer there. That is just one of the performance improvements made to the app.

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Pure Dating App Review: The Stats

This dating app has been in existence since 2012 as an idea but was officially launched in October 2014. Its developers are dedicated to ensuring it is up to date- last updated on November 9, 2017. You can be sure that this application is just the right one owing to the huge number of followers plus it currently supports English and Russian languages.

This app has got around 5 million installs, and it is most popular in the large population centres; it has reached a considerable user base in London, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago among other big cities. In these cities, you are likely to get a substantial chunk of hits considering the significant number of users. Apart from these cites, Pure has received acceptance in other countries across the world. The love for this app manifests through its users who will, at most times, give it a thumbs up for getting substantial amounts of responses for hook up requests. It mainly helps you hook up so you will hardly find someone special for something like a relationship or a happily ever after.

As far as the costs are concerned, you will be given free trial lasting seven days from the moment you download the app. As for females, they get to join for free.

After your trial period has ended, it will cost you £15.70 every month for unlimited use. Apparently, the price could be high for some people, but it is only worth if you are looking for a no strings attached hook up in the right location. The good thing is that there no unnecessary adverts will flood your screen as you use it, the service is just at its best, and the number of users is fine in most cities.

Just like any other dating app, it comes with a content rating of 18+ so no kid here, the app mainly targets adults over 18 years of age and does not have an age limit. The user can get the app either on Google Play Store for Android devices or get it on App Store for iOS devices.

What it Packs

The idea behind this app seems not to allow a long list of features as would be the case with other dating and hooking up apps. The simple features it has are just enough for both men and women to find partners. Once you upload your photo, that acts as a meeting request which will be listed in the app`s feed and people in your area will be able to see you. The request lasts for an hour before it gets deleted automatically, but you can also delete your photo whenever you wish to by clicking `Delete Now` under `My Request’.

You can also see other peoples` photos in the photo feed, from here you can hit yes for anyone you are interested in. If you get a reply with mutual attraction, the two of you will be able to chat on the chat window which opens up. You can only chat and make all arrangements in an hour then everything gets erased after that. Though the time could be limited, I like the functionality and minimal style that the window allows for communication. I also like the fact that you can still find whoever you were chatting with after your time expires though there is no inbuilt functionality for a fail-safe.

Pure Dating App Review - dating-apps.com

The Last Word

This Pure dating app review is mostly from a personal perspective, and I feel the app is good enough for various reasons. This pure dating app review pinpoints the app’s strengths and weaknesses of the design, style, and usability to other smaller details. The style took me away from the common dating app styles- everything black and white plus a presentable location overview. The few features give the user an easy time apart from being an advert free app. The anonymity function is also great for me because I would just delete my info and leave no trace anytime I want to.

This Pure dating app review also points out some of the downside to the app. It works well doesn’t favour people living in smaller towns and cities. According to other users and Pure dating app reviews, the users are few there as compared to big cities. I got an averagely good amount of hits in London so I can’t complain. Another downside this Pure dating app review points is the limited time offered for chatting, it distracts and gives me a hard time to get back to what I was up to.

Pure Dating App Review Rating

From this Pure dating app review, I give it a 4.5. This is the user-friendliness and simple style. I also appreciate the fact that it has improved performance especially when it comes to uploading photos. Though Pure has some downsides, they do not warrant it for abomination since they can be ignored and maybe changes made if they listen to our cries.

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