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Tinder Dating App Review – The Basics

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps that is available at the moment, as this Tinder dating app review will show. It is a very simple system to use. Find matches using Facebook profile information and the GPS in the device used to access the app. Estimates claim 1.6 billion registered users on Tinder. Most of whom access the app up to 11 times a day. That means minutes per day searching for suitable matches. These interactions result in up to 26 million matches per day.

When a user sees a profile that they like, they swipe right on the screen. This registers as a ‘like’ and indicates interest in getting to know that person. If the other user does not look like a compatible match, the user swipes left which indicates ‘no interest’. So quickly has the app grown that the term ‘swipe’ in reference to dating or rating people in terms of dating compatibility has begun to proliferate.

As in, ‘that girl’s so fine I would definitely swipe right, you dig?’ If both users swipe right, they can then communicate with each other. They may chat online or decide to meet up to take it to the next level. The app allows users to upload six photographs that other users can see. It is recommended that users upload six varied and interesting photographs of themselves. Six bathroom selfies are unlikely to speak to a world of fun and adventure!

Pros and Cons: Tinder dating app review pointers

The Pros:

tinder dating appIt seems that everyone is on Tinder! This could be seen as a negative, but it does mean that there is a LOT of choice out there. These choices can also include celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio (under the name Leonard) and Hilary Duff. If you see a profile that looks a lot like your film-star secret crush, check his or her profile for a small blue tick. That will confirm their verified celeb status and be sure to swipe right!

Signing up is easy and quick. The app finds your location using the built-in GPS on your device. It uses information garnered from your Facebook page, namely, your personal information, age, and pages you like to auto-generate your profile. The app also skims through your Facebook friends and suggests matches based on mutual friends. Ten friends or more in common makes a good match very likely, according to their research.

There is no chance of embarrassment by being outed to a crush who does not reciprocate. Your profile information can only be seen by people who have swiped right on you! Likewise, only right-swipers can communicate with other users via message or email. Trollish threats or comments, unsolicited emails, and messages advertising products cannot be spammed into users’ inboxes.

The Cons:

Tinder originally started up as a commitment-free hook up for casual sex because of the location based suggested matches. Some users reported feeling slightly used when, after sex, their new friend was back on the app, busily swiping through to find a new partner. Sometimes before they had even put their clothes back on, according to another Tinder dating app review!

Tinder’s name is slowly morphing to that of a standard dating site. An element of casual sex sleaze remains. Meaning users should ensure they state clearly what they are hoping for from the app. The next batch of suggestions is distracting for users. Sometimes messages are overlooked and potentially great relationships never happen. Some users say that men, in particular, are very bad at responding after initial ‘introductions’ have taken place. The interest lies in superficially swiping through more profiles than spending time investing in one more in-depth correspondence.

The only statistic offered by Tinder is the users’ age. It is possible for widely differing heights to be an issue in a match. Many Tinder dating app review writers recommend keeping a list of questions to ask. The initial messaging spurt will reveal lots. This information can pinpoint answers to certain preferences and dislikes. Using the app is addictive. It can become a game to swipe through as many profiles as possible.

What You Should Know:

Tinder started up in September 2012 (hence the relative lack of other Tinder dating app review material being available). The premise, to allow people, preferably young people, to get to know strangers in their area. The inventors could see a gap in the market for this service. Twitter and Facebook allow people to connect with people they know. Tinder aimed to allow like-minded people to meet unknown people in their location. This, more than casual sex hook-ups or long-term commitments, is the reason for Tinder’s existence.

The app is free (there is a limit on how many profiles can be swiped every day). There is a premium, a paid-for service known as Tinder Plus. This service costs different amounts, depending on the age of the user. People who are 28 and older are charged £14.99. Those under-28s only pay £3.99. A clear indication of the preferred customer age… Tinder is available all over the world. There are 196 countries in the world. Tinder boasts of being available in 196 countries and can be accessed in 30 languages. It is available on both iOS and Android.

The Verdict:

The final summary of this Tinder dating app review. Tinder is a great app. It’s fun to use and most laughably easy to set up. It is hard to choose from whizzing into the ‘suggestions’ box, to focus on finding ‘Mr Right’ or even ‘Mr Right for now’ (or Ms, of course). Like a child in an over-stocked sweet shop. Frustration at having to choose just one can become insurmountable! In fact, it seems to be a better app for casual, short-term relationships or friendships (sexual or platonic) rather than offering the in-depth, emotionally charged connections that other, scientifically set-up dating sites.

Meeting like-minded people with some of the same interests in your area can be the start of a beautiful meaningful relationship. Even if it does start in a more informal manner. Users looking for a potential life partner, wanting to be offered just a few good matches might be better off with more formal dating sites. Most of which require a fair amount of effort to be put into the creation of the profile (details about likes and dislikes, what one is looking for from life and so on). Users who want to have a little bit of fun. Make new friends. See who else is swimming in the great big singles sea will enjoy their session on Tinder.

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