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What you need to know about Datememe

I want you imagine yourself a few years down the line: it’s a joyful day in the crisp April sun. Dating apps have done their job, and now you’re shopping for an engagement ring. You’ve got all kinds of storefronts, all kinds of jewellery styles, and all kinds of budgets to choose from. But your ring has to be perfect. Searching for a partner online is the same deal: every dating app has a different style, range, budget and quality. This datememe review is going to talk you through what kind of a ‘shop’ this dating app is, so you can decide if you want to waltz through their doors, or run for the hills in the opposite direction.


Connecting to the datememe app via your email, FB, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ makes signing up a breeze, although they don’t send a verification email to confirm your registration, so be wary that there may be some sketchy characters milling about. I mean, it’s not swimming in weirdos, but there are a few undesirables and plenty – really, plenty – of blokes who just can’t be arsed to create a profile with any kind of meaning. A nickname, a picture of a car or a football shirt, and nothing at all written in the description – it’s not much to go on, is it?

It’s hard to pinpoint what datememe’s USP is, as it’s a fairly old-fashioned dating website (all the usual sections for picture, body type, height, age, kids…), but the one thing that stands out is how international their user base is. They seem to have men and women signing up to the app from all over the world. It’s definitely a hub of cultures, colours and nationalities, which will appeal to a lot of date-seekers.

But this doesn’t even scratch the surface. This datememe review is going to walk you through the highlights, the downsides, the facts and the faffs. And oh, there’s a lot.

Here’s the deets: our Datememe review gives you the statistics

datememe reviewThe datememe app first appeared in September 2014. It’s casts a wide net: friendship, dating, relationships and marriage, across all age groups. It doesn’t have a ‘hookups’ option, but as with many dating apps, it seems like a few of the guys (or just their lower halves, according to their profile pics) are looking for just that.

The company hasn’t published any membership numbers, but they make some pretty bold claims about being the most prolific spot to find “Korean lesbian women”, as well as bragging that at least one white, gay male in the UK registers as a user every single second. With that in mind, they should be signing up 86,400 gay guys (and that’s just the white ones) across the British Isles each day, or 2.5 million a month, which seems somewhat… ambitious. A basic search for straight men aged 25-36 in the UK brings up just 37 results, and that’s without narrowing down preferences about tattoos, height, build, kids etc.

Onto the good stuff:

the app is completely free. There’s a wide range of countries with members, and the app works in lots of languages: English, German, Spanish, Bengali, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian.

The site says that the app is available on “all the major platforms”, including iOS and Android.

What it packs

This is the techy bit of the datememe review.

You can only search for one particular target group (e.g. “I am a woman looking for men”), and not browse both genders. So, not particularly inclusive in this age of sexual enlightenment!

The interface of the app is a bit messy and cheap. It’s got too many menu options cluttered along the top of the screen, and then a huge expanse of white underneath, which often gets filled up with adverts for PPI insurance (it’s free; they’ve gotta fund it somehow!). It’s definitely not polished and pretty, so this needs to be mentioned in any decent datememe review!

Those cluttered icons I mentioned allow you to search in your area, see your messages and edit your profile (the placeholder picture for a female user is a curvaceous silhouette in a Playboy style reclining pose, so that’ll give you an idea of what they’re hoping for!) They also have a nice feature where you can “like” a profile by clicking a heart, and keep track of who you’ve liked, and who likes you.

The last word from the Datememe review

datememe reviewI asked you to imagine that thrilling day looking for the perfect engagement ring. Transport yourself again to that happy spot in the future, and place yourself on the High Street. Imagine that just as you’re steering your beloved towards a classy looking jeweller, all white frosted glass and strikingly minimalist displays, he pulls you in the other direction and you head down a very different road. OK, it’s not some shady back alley with a white van parked up, but it’s definitely the ‘bargain basement’ part of town, where every shop is either a 99p store or a Cash Converters. Is this where you want to buy your ring?

‘The One’

If you’re breaking out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of it, you might not want to use datememe to search for ‘The One’. Because in the world of abundant choice when it comes to swish looking apps with cool features and high quality users. This one looks an awful lot like Cheapo McGrubby’s Around A Pound Outlet. Dubious claims about membership numbers, spelling mistakes in profile drop-down menus, and wall-to-wall ads all create a general feeling of shabbiness. Dating, like shopping, relies a lot on trust. If it’s not the place to pick up the diamond, then it’s not the place to pick up the spouse. And when I say “diamond”, let’s assume it’s really low-grade, plastic, imitation cubic zirconia.

If you want dating to feel special, romantic, personal, or exciting, you’re going to need a better venue. Check out a different dating app.

The Datememe Rating

I likened datememe to a pound shop, where everything is just one pound, and for that, they can have just one star. And it’s not real gold; it’s gold effect, but it’s free hence not ripping off it’s users. So let’s make it 3.5 stars. Also you can totally meet “the One” at the shabby pub on the corner, where you go with your friend after work.

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App Store 3.5/5

Google Play 4.2/5