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Badoo Dating App Review – all you need to know

We’ve all been in that situation when you walk past someone on the street or spot someone nearby who might take your fancy. For most people that would be the end of it and they do nothing more than let the potential man or woman of their dreams walk away.

But with the Badoo Dating App, the awkwardness of introducing yourself to a stranger may be a thing of the past, as the app brings together like minded people looking to socialise, make friends and for the most part to find love. Badoo has a database of thousands of men and women, who can see who is active nearby them and even shows its users if they have been in the same vicinity of other Badoo customers. Check out this review for more statistics and explanations on Badoo’s special and unique features.

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Badoo Dating App Review – the Statistics

The Badoo app, since its creation in 2006 has – especially in the last few years – taken off.

  • Badoo has 60 million monthly active users
  • An average of 400,000 members signing up each day
  • It is available and popular in 190 countries
  • The app has a staggering 340 million members across its mobile app and web version, as of 2017

This is making it the most widely used dating app site out there and although it has not taken off in the US, it rivals the big name dating apps, such as Tinder and co.

The app itself operates on what’s known as a ‘freemium’ model, which means that the primary services that the app provides are completely free, but there are bonus features that can be purchased as a luxury so to speak. Users can very much enjoy the app for free, and the purchasable features are not necessary for users to get the most out of the app. Badoo, in many ways, operates like its own social network and has a very visually pleasing interface, in which users can build up a strong profile base.

As you would expect, Badoo in its app and website form is available on iPhone and iPad devices, as well as Android and Windows phones. The app operates in 47 languages, from English, Dutch French and Spanish, to Italian and many others.

It is an app for 18+ customers, and it is not just a site for teenagers and young adults to hook up, as many of its users are serious about dating and finding love and are of a slightly older demographic.

Badoo Dating App Review – Its Features

Badoo is not your conventional dating app. You have the potential to meet hundreds of new people who have been in a similar area to you recently, and you can send them a message and spark up a conversation with them instantly. Also, unlike other dating apps, you don’t have to wait to be matched with a person to start putting your moves on them! If your personality shines through, you can charm people who might have looked straight past you purely on looks.

Local search

When users first sign up to Badoo, there is a strong emphasis on building up a profile base, as users can post photos, sell themselves and even post videos. The app also has a feature, whereby its users can see who they have ‘bumped into’, not literally but they can see which customers have been in the same area as them.

But the app is not just catered around meeting people locally, as users can search active members from all around the world. Maybe you have planned a trip abroad and fancied a holiday romance, or maybe you just want to meet new friends and experience and learn about different cultures; with Badoo, you can do just that!


Badoo also has the ‘Encounters’ feature which works similarly to Tinder. Users swipe right and left (left if they don’t like the person and right if they do) and are then matched with others if they have liked each other. Not only this, but there is a niche feature, in which users can collect trophies based on how active they are, how friendly and many other traits. This also helps to further build up a user’s profile and character.

Safety features

Badoo also has some unique safety features in place to protect its users. In the internet age, many dating apps have been used by predators and ‘catfishes’ to trick people into thinking they’re someone that they’re not. To combat this, Badoo has a ‘selfie request’ button, where users can ask to see a selfie of the person they are talking to as verification. There is also a photo verification process, where users have to upload a photo of themselves in a particular pose, which will then be verified by one of Badoo’s moderators.

As mentioned before, there are some features which users can pay to experience. One of the most popular of these functions is the ‘rise up’ feature, where customers can pay to make their profile more visible and potentially enable it to reach a wider audience for a certain amount of time.

But as touched on before, users can get more than enough out of the Badoo app free of charge, and the purchasable add-ons are more of a luxury than a necessity.

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Badoo Dating App Review – The Last Word

On the whole, the Badoo app is unique and can be set apart from other dating apps on the market. I mainly found that the visual interface of the app was much more appealing than other dating apps I have experienced. The ‘Encounters’ section is very slick and pleasing to the eye.

Much of Badoo’s appeal in my view, is its unique selling point, that you can see where you might have ‘bumped into’ another user. While other dating apps have tried to connect users geographically, I feel Badoo takes this to another level and is very calculated and detailed in bringing this forward.

The photo verification feature is also another convenient and unique part of the Badoo app and takes away some of the fears of false identity and people pretending to be people that they’re not. The only problem that I would raise with regards to the photo aspect is that the app doesn’t let you upload photos with other people in them. A lot of my good pictures, as I’m sure is the case with many other people, are not just of myself, and I feel it would not do Badoo any harm to allow such photos to be uploaded.

The sign-up process is also speedy and stress-free, as you can sign up using your Facebook account, which also helps to build up your profile. You can also sign up using just your email and by creating a password and then you are set.

Overall, I didn’t experience many difficulties with Badoo. It is very visually pleasing, and you can build up a strong profile base and get connected and talk to potential dates very quickly.

Badoo Dating App Review – Rating

To conclude my Badoo Dating App Review, I would give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5*s. You become very familiar with its features very quickly and particularly if you are familiar with other social network platforms, it runs on a similar model. Badoo, in my opinion, is more visually pleasing than other dating apps, such as Tinder and the feature in which you can talk to people, despite not matching them is a positive one.

To reach 5*s, I feel Badoo could be minimalized a bit. A lot is going on, and there are some features which don’t necessarily help enhance your dating chances (the lookalikes section for example). This could be overwhelming for some users. Sometimes less is more!

Download Badoo and see for yourself!

Apple iTunes Store 4 stars

Android Google Play 4/5 stars

Windows Microsoft 4 stars