Tangle Dating App Review


What you need to know

Ever felt like the perfect partner passed you by in the street? With the Tangle dating app, there’s no need to fear missed connections anymore! Those who’ve enjoyed chance meetings and brief encounters can reconnect online. Incredibly simple and easy to use, the latest Tangle app is an innovative update on the conventional hook-up and dating service. Services that rely heavily on user profiles and search criteria. With Tangle, you can retrace your steps and journeys. Helping you connect with hundreds of other app users in your area. Who may be looking to make a proper introduction with people they pass on the street, bus or coffee shop queue, every day.

Tangle dating app – the stats

tangle-02This latest version of the Tangle app has been around since late 2014. The unusual dating service has seen thousands of new members take up the call. Designed to revolutionize the way you break the ice and ignite romantic connections, Tangle is an app designed for the more confident, outgoing user. You’re working with romantic notions about missed connections and brief encounters. Expect to deal with a few age-old romantics and sentimental statements. If you’re serious about having some fun and discovering a new way to date, Tangle is an essential app you should be itching to explore for yourself.

There’s tens of thousands of individual members registered to Tangle.You stand a good chance of crossing paths with someone else live on the network when you’re out and about. Keep your profile active and app live to ensure optimum results. You can expect to see a higher success rate in larger towns and cities. This app is particularly popular in London, Manchester and Birmingham. These cities had 100,000 unique users as of 2015.

Long lost love? Not anymore…

Ever had your heart stolen by a complete stranger? Now long, lingering looks don’t have to be the end. Retrace your journeys and make right of every missed opportunity with Tangle. Whether you’re looking for the one, or just interested in making friends. Perfect for people looking to mix up their usual dating strategy, Tangle lets people connect with a more diverse group of dates than more search-focused sites.

One thing we couldn’t balk at in our Tangle dating app review is the price. At only £0.69 per download, this dating app is one of the cheapest on the market. It is well worth the asking price for its unusual twist on romantic networking alone. It’s easy to get started and look forward to an entanglement of your own. With simple set-up of user profiles, and a handy in-built tutorial to answer all those frequently asked questions and new member queries.

This app is currently available for iOS and Android phones. The recent v.5 release vastly improved upon previous performance and compatibility issues. This quirky hook-up and friend-finding app is relatively pared-back compared to other services. It’s easily navigable and boasts all the same basic features you’ll find with more everyday dating apps.

Our Tangle dating app review takes a look at what works

tangle-03There’s admittedly been some teething trouble with getting Tangle to market. The latest updates have largely resolved issues with performance and accuracy. Users who downloaded the most recent version of the app can enjoy the full benefits of fixes and added features. This lets them meticulously retrace their steps and schedules. In order to track down a stranger who might have their eye in the street. They can learn if a fellow Tangle user was looking at them all along.

The rediscovery and element of surprise makes this app unique in the field. Tangle will keep track of all your travels. Wherever in the world you’ve been. It lets you keep a close eye on interesting people who’ve passed you by, and shown interest in you, down to the second. If you prefer your action in real-time, you can set the app to send you alerts whenever someone with an interesting profile or relevant criteria walks by. Allowing you to make connections even more quickly. You’ll get a message to let you know whenever you’ve ‘Tangled’ with any passerby. The option to like their profile to store and save for later, or politely pass and await your next entanglement is always good.

Tangle dating app review – The last word

If you’ve got the time and patience for this app, Tangle is a great alternative. The more conventional process of browsing profiles, liking photos and mailing over an ice-breaker is a bit dated. As long as you’ve got the data coverage or internet connection to keep Tangle active, this app shakes up how you socialize with new people. It will open up your eyes to just how much attention you obliviously receive yourself.

It’s incredibly easy to get started with Tangle. There are accessible tutorials even first-timers to the world of online dating will have no trouble understanding. Once your profile is live, the Tangle app takes care of the rest. The thrill of receiving a message in real time will keep you checking your screen for updates. The novelty of being able to go back over your own timeline opens you up to a whole world of second chances.

Tangle dating app review – Rating

3 out of 5. We’ve been struggling to knock our Tangle dating app review down a few point, but we can’t fault the innovative thinking that’s gone into the design with this fresh way to network with potential connections. Guaranteed to go down a storm with the more confident love-seeker, this app serves as its own ice-breaker, taking any awkwardness out of starting the conversion with someone who’s turned your head on the street.

If they’re using the Tangle app too, they’re just as interested in getting to know new people. However busy your schedule has been, it’s incredibly easy to retrace every step with the Tangle app, letting you seek out strangers and love connections, wherever you’ve been. Enjoyed our Tangle dating app review? Discover more online dating destinations and innovative apps you can use to find love and friendship at dating-apps.com


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