Vegan Singles Dating App Review


Vegan Singles Dating App Review

What you need to know:

Finding a partner who shares your vegan ideals can be difficult sometimes. And, there is nothing more awkward on a first date than having to refuse the sharing platter of nachos that your suitor has so kindly bought you because you cannot stomach the cheese. Enter Vegan Singles, a dating app that aims to make dating more ‘compassionate’. As it helps to ensure the people you chat to and meet up with using this app share your love of the vegan lifestyle. Of course, many vegans have no problem at all with dating

Of course, many vegans have no problem at all with dating non-vegans. But, if you are looking for someone who both knows where you are coming from when it comes to animal ethics and who shares your ideas on food and welfare, this app could well be for you. In addition, on some more mainstream dating apps, vegans can get a bit of flack. They have to put up with random, sometimes annoying questions from non-vegans. Many of whom want to satisfy their curiosity or even get into a debate about veganism. You should be pretty safe from this when you use Vegan Singles.


The stats:


Vegan Singles Dating App Review

How many vegans are using this dating app?
This is a relatively new app as it was only revealed to the public in mid-2016. So far, the statistics show that as of December 2016 it has had between 100 and 500 installs (mainly in Canada where the app was developed). So, its users currently number in the hundreds though this may grow as the app becomes more popular globally.
Admission price…
It’s FREE! 😀
What’s it used for?
It can be used to find friends, vegan dinner companions, short and long term dates and hookups. As long as you are looking for someone vegan the possibilities are endless!
Who’s using it?
Marketing material suggests that the app is aimed at vegans in their 20s. It’s similarity to Tinder and other social networking sites that emphasise images would also suggest a younger target market. The app is only available in English, limiting it to an English speaking crowd. Most users are in Canada, where this app was developed.
Where can you find it?
This app is available for both iOS and Android. You can find links at the bottom of the review.


What it packs:

Overall, the Vegan Singles app looks pretty slick. There is an emphasis on images which helps the focus of a younger target market. Since the app is so visual, you learn about fellow members via their photos. Information about the person lays in taglines of text beneath the photos.

This includes:

  • proximity to you
  • age
  • short bio

This is an app that seems to encourage you to make speedy decisions about who you want to chat. Based on their looks and a small amount of information. So if you’re interested in getting to know someone, you’ll have to get in touch. Another way this app helps you get connected and share images is with its integration with Facebook. Meaning you can sync your Facebook photos with Vegan Singles, if you choose.

There are not any noticeable differences in functions for men and women. Some basic filters help to narrow down your search. By helping to sort out members who don’t match what you’re looking for. When you’re searching for potential matches you can use a couple different filters for gender and age.


The last word:

This app is definitely a potential solution to that frustration that you can feel on mainstream dating sites when it is hard to find other people who ‘click’ with your vegan ideals. Logging on to an app and knowing that everyone whom you are going to be chatting with is also vegan can feel very exhilarating. And, when you are using this app, it doesn’t look and function too differently from Tinder. As it has a similar sleek, streamlined, image-based layout that encourages you to decide whether or not you are attracted to someone as quickly as possible.

What lets this app down at the moment is its relatively small user base. The app’s developers announced on their Twitter account in 2016 that 62 people had signed up on the second day of the app being available. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have sustained these numbers in terms of new sign-ups. Vegans are a pretty small crowd as it is. It is always nice to know that (even if you don’t find a match for dating) there are people out there in your area who you can invite out to try that new vegan cafe or restaurant in your area.



As it stands, I would give this app 3 stars, but this rating is given with an eye to the future. This app has a cool concept and user-friendly layout and it definitely fills a niche. I would recommend this app to friends as something to watch rather than something to get sucked into right now. Quite simply because there are not very many people using Vegan Singles at the moment. If more people sign up and the app really gets going, it would certainly be able to move up to 4 stars in my book.



iTunes  no rating

Google Play 3.7/5 stars