Dine Dating App Review


What is Dine?

Dine is a dating app that matches users based on their restaurant preference to get them to have their first dinner date as soon as possible. Keisuke Kamijo – the CEO of Mrk & Co has finally revolutionised online dating by putting an end to the unproductive old fashioned left and right swipes. Dine requires the user to select three of the favourite restaurants they want to dine in on the first date. When one user accepts a request to dine from another, then they are matched. Statistics show that more than half of users, who found matches on Dine met within two weeks. Get your Dine app from the Apple app store and put an end to all the tiring online dating games; let Dine match you with real dates. Dine lets you meet singles faster than other dating apps online. Here is a step by step Dine dating app review.

How does Dine work?

• Download and install Dine from the Apple app store for your iPhone.
• Sign in for the app and start your journey to finding your date.
• Make your profile and pick three bars, restaurants or cafes you’d want dine or wine at on a date with your match. Yelp will help you with this.
• Dine then shows you 2 – 5 candidates daily, with information about restaurants they chose. You can send them a date request.
• If they accept the request, a chat box is introduced; you can chat and learn more about each other and arrange a date. The date will take place at the restaurant of your selection.
• If, however, a user sends you a request, you’ve got the option of accepting the date or not. If you accept then he or she gets to pick the restaurant.

Dine dating app review on FAQ

Dine dating app reviewHow long has Dine been around?

Dine was created in July 2015. The App was afterwards launched in the month of August 2015 by Mrk & Co in Vancouver. The app is still so new in the market yet it is quickly gaining popularity.

What is the focus of the app?

The app is exclusively for singles and/or separated people. Dine’s main aim is to get you and your prospective spouse in the same room to break the ice. The company is packaging the app to become the best Dating App worldwide.

Do I need to pay for the app?

All features of the app are free but one can upgrade to premium for US$16.66 a month for the 6-month plan, US$ 23.33 a month for the 3-month plan and US$ 27.99 for the 1-month plan; which enables you an unlimited number of to requests sent and/or accepted from popular users.

Can I connect with singles from my area?

The dating app is strictly available only to users from US and Canada. The app is yet to expand its territory to other places.

What languages is Dine available in?

The dating app and Dine dating app review are currently available in English.

Is there any age restriction for users?

Users must be 18 years and over to join the Dine. Ex- convicts, especially sex offenders are not allowed to join Dine.

Can I use Dine on my device?

Dine is available on iPhones. According to Apple, Dine is the best of all the new apps.

What it packs

• Dine sorts out your photos based on the most popular ones.
• The app has a “First Date” section on your profile; it gives you two options;
i. It’s my treat – the option means you’ve offered to take care of the bill on your first date,
ii. Let’s meet with friends – the option means that you bring along friends.
• Dine is combined with Yelp to provide the user with local dining choices.
• The app suggested ready messages for users; the messages’ main focus is on planning a date for the match. You have a choice of writing your own message.
• The dining app has a feature that allows users to select their interests and traits from lists such as the smoker, runner and many others. This app helps those who with profiles, especially when one is lazy or has no idea of how to market themselves.

How Dine helped me find love

Dine dating app reviewMy friends suggested dating app, Dine, jokingly – as if they were mocking me. About three months later, I got tired of hanging out alone when my girls went for date nights. I decided to give Dine a shot by reading a Dine dating app review. I immediately downloaded the app on my iPhone and wrote my profile, adding the list of three of my favourite restaurants. When I woke up the next morning, I checked for matches just out of curiosity. I found four matches. I started chatting with different people daily. Some of them were just jokers, others seemed like weirdos.

I thought to myself that online dating was truly lame. I was almost giving up when one day I got a message from this sweet guy; he was different from the rest. We exchanged messages for eight straight hours. He was intelligent and open and funny at the same time. “This guy is too good to be true” – I thought to myself. Two weeks later we planned our first date; I was so nervous since I had heard scary stories in the past about online dates gone badly. To my surprise, he was more handsome than in his photos. In addition, he was a perfect gentleman. We immediately clicked.

Let’s give it a try

We decided to give it a try. We were both busy, but we made a lot of effort to meet as often as possible to know each other more. Four months down the line, we had fallen crazily in love with each other. Initially I wanted nothing serious. I guess I was wrong. To cut the long story short, we decided to make things official. We’ve already met both our families. I can’t still believe I found love on a dating app. I just want to thank Dine for giving me the opportunity to date.

There are all sorts of people online; some good and others bad. Just be careful not to fall for the wrong person. You may not find your prince charming on the first date, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give up. Keep trying.

Dine dating app review Rating

I rate the app 4 stars out of 5. The major drawback i found in Dine dating app review is that it is still very new and is yet to expand; for that reason it only covers US and Canada. Dine helps break the ice since the initial conversation is usually about setting up a dinner date.

i. Dine gives users an opportunity to match with people of similar interests, such as dining preferences.
ii. The company states that its goal is to get users to attend an actual date. For instance, dinner or drink dates should be set as soon as possible to avoid wasting time online with people you may not even be compatible with.
iii. The app has a way of keeping unscrupulous individuals away.

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