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What you need to know

Lovoo Dating App Review - dating-apps.comThis Lovoo Dating App Review brings you the updated details concerning the app’s changes.
Lovoo is a free dating app that welcomes both male and female love hunters from all the corners of the world. As long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, Lovoo guarantees you a soulmate wherever you are so you will hardly get disappointed when using this app. Lovoo has got a newly built user-friendly interface that makes it stand out when it comes to ease of use.

Creating an account is the first easy thing you will need to use the app and you can register with either your mail address or with your Facebook account. The few requirements for the registration are your name, age, gender, location, and clear photos of yourself and you will be good to go. As you use the app, you have the option to use the free resources or pay for credits and VIP membership. The VIP membership program has the advantage that you can utilise all the features of the app without limitations.

Once you have registered, you can find people who you share similar interests and activities in your location. The fun thing about the app is that you can easily change your location or use the location tracking tool just in case you`re travelling or moving to another place so finding new friends in your new location can`t be a problem at all. The experience on Lovoo is generally awesome, you won’t get bored thanks to the millions of members and you can easily flirt with your matches as you follow the flat radar. The app also has a website version which can be accessed from any web browser on any device that can access the internet.

The stats

The Lovoo dating app was created in Germany and has been in service since its release in the year 2011. This online Dating-App is more popular in Germany but it has got strong popularity in other regions due to the huge and growing membership- it boasts over 65 million users across the world as of 2017 yet there are more people still coming in. The app mainly targets younger users in their 20s but older people are also free to use the app; the range of ages allowed to access the app is between 18 and 100.

Once you create an account with the dating app you can look for friends, a date, a long term relationship or just flirt around but the app itself focuses on helping people find soulmates and friends from their locality and from other regions too. This online Dating-App also comes in a variety of new and existing languages including English, German, French Portuguese, Italian, among others. The app can be downloaded from the play store for Android phones and from the App Store for the iOS.


In terms of costs, you can download and create an account with the app for free but to use advanced features of VIP membership, you will be required to spend some money.

  • You can get free credits daily when you log into the app.
  • You can also get credits when verify your profile or purchase them through PayPal.
  • Also you will have the option to purchase VIP membership which can be paid for after every month at a cost of $11.25, three months costing $23.46, six months costing $40.34 or a year at a cost of $65.66.
  • You will notice that you will spend less money if you purchase a VIP membership for a year as opposed to that of a month.

Lovoo Dating App Review - dating-apps.com

What it packs

This Lovoo Dating App Review also brings you information concerning the features of this app. This app comes in an interesting style and favours all users equally; it has got interesting features such as the radar graphics and the matching tool. The eye-catching radar shows you all the people near you and more interestingly, you can even detect- from the radar- if you are in the same building with another Lovoo user since you are shown the distance between you and others. The matching tool on the other side is a feature that Lovoo Dating App Review - dating-apps.comhelps you easily find people in your area who you share same interests. Another feature of the app is that you can block annoying users and those who appear not to be real users.

According to this Lovoo Dating App Review update, VIP members enjoy the most of the services with features such as profile highlighters, unlimited matches and the ghost mode which allows you to be invisible to others and check other people’s profiles without them noticing. Profile highlighters are necessary when it comes to putting you on the forefront and be noticed by most of the members. As a VIP member, the add blocker feature enhances your user experience since any obtrusive ads can be blocked for you.

The last word

This app is a good idea when it comes to looking for friendship and love. This Lovoo Dating App Review gives you the general feeling of the app and how it works. You can easily get a match with whom you can end up starting a long term relationship that can result in marriage. I find it easy to find a partner in this online Dating-App since there are a lot of members who you can easily start a conversation with. Just like any other app, it provides a great experience but it has got some downsides. If you are not a VIP member then you can be prepared for the ads and limited features. Personally, the billing for the advanced features is a little bit high as compared to other online Dating-Apps.

Lovoo Dating App Review Rating

The app receives a rating according to its pros and cons, the features it has, its comparison to other dating apps and the ease of its access and use. This Lovoo Dating App Review gives a 4.5 out of a 5-star.

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