Bumble Dating App Review


Our Bumble Dating App Review – What you need to know

The dating app with the honeycomb theme. – Will you get the sweet nectar you so desperately crave or a sting from this newbie dating app? Keep reading to find out our verdict on this Tinder-esque style way to meet singles near you. Available on iOS but not Android or the old-fashioned desktop Internet, unfortunately. Bumble is a new, fresh experience in dating aiming to ‘change the rules of the game’. ‘Bee social’ is a key fundamental of the service. Interestingly enough users are given a set time to reply! But just how does it work in detail? And is this something that will help you in the dating game? Let’s dive into the hive on Bumble!

Bumble Dating App Review – The Stats

bumble-dating-app-2Bumble has been around since 2014. It’s not as established as Match or any of the other behemoth dating sites we’ve all heard of. It’s entirely FREE to use so in some sense, so you have nothing to lose. But first, let’s learn a bit more about how Bumble works and what makes it unique. The focus is on dating, and relationships but don’t fret if you just want to meet a new pal or two as they cater for that jazz too. Since its release a few years ago as mentioned, thousands of users have downloaded the app and continue to use it regularly. They haven’t announced the figures, but from my

The focus is on dating, and relationships but don’t fret if you just want to meet a new pal or two as they cater for that too. Since its release a few years ago, thousands of users have downloaded the app and continue to use it regularly. They haven’t announced the figures, but from my experience, there were plenty of local people to find.

Since they are a US company, you can be sure that there is plenty of the user base in the USA. I can tell you that UK users, being based in England myself, won’t be disappointed. As Bumble has pollinated loyal Tinder users and other dating app users with its fresh concept on how dating should work.

The app is available in a range of 16 languages including Simplified Chinese and French. The focus is very much on the lower end of the age spectrum for people in their twenties and thirties. It won’t be so young that you’ll find teenagers. Bumble is available on iOS exclusively, for the time being, limiting your search to flashy iPhone users for now.

Bumble Dating App Review – What it Packs

Here’s how it works… You discover people nearby on Bumble right from the home screen of the app. You opt to connect with others by swiping right, this adds them to your ‘hive’ (kinda cute, huh?). So when two people mutually add each other to their hives an opportunity for the woman (yes, only the woman) to send a message within 24 hours. Otherwise, the connection disappears. Forever.

There’s a very good reason, so Bumble’s development team say. This is because Bumble was designed to overcome the problem seen on typical other dating apps and websites described as ‘antiquated hetero dating norms’. In simple, to avoid women being bombarded by men messaging them around the clock! But men can show a ‘special interest’ in a match by extending one per day. This puts them in a queue for an additional 24 hours- so there’s hope for you male readers! This doesn’t apply to same-sex hookups. In any case, either person must make a move in 24 hours before the connection vanishes forever! Making quite different to other dating apps out there. If that’s something that appeals to you, then why not give Bumble a go?

Bumble Dating App Review – The Last Word

bumble-dating-app-3The last word comes from my own experience in giving the app a go. There were plenty of people for me to add to my hive, which I did. And I can only assume that due to the app’s lower popularity and competing services, users had simply forgotten about Bumble or even deleted it from their phones. Leaving their accounts without even knowing they’re being interacted with. A huge downfall indeed. And one that doesn’t just affect Bumble exclusively.

It is victim to the same problem I’ve experienced on other small startup apps with great ideas. Only one or two of the thirty or so nearby people I attempted to get in contact with replied. But this was my experience. Maybe yours will be different? Bumble might be the next big thing near you. Give it a go is my recommendation. If it works, then you might be in for a great buzz!

Bumble Dating App Review – Rating

I’d rate the Bumble Dating App 3 out of 5. And this is because well, without people using it – at least in my area – it didn’t really work out for me. But if it did, it’d easily get a 4 out of 5 rating or more depending on how that worked out. Without a successful hookup, I can’t say I had a 5-star experience.

I love the concept, I really do. And it does take into consideration the normal problems we’ve all faced with the bigger dating sites and apps out there. If I was a woman, maybe I’d appreciate the way in which requests are dealt with a bit more. So again, 3 out of 5 for Bumble.

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