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Once Dating App Review – What You Need to know

There is no denying that dating applications have changed the dynamics of the game completely, and some get it right and others don’t. Once is certainly trying to get it right in its way. If you have not heard it yet, the Once app is the not-so-new kid on the dating app block. What is Once doing differently than other apps? One match per day. Yes, you heard that right. Most dating apps now pair you with people who match your interests so that you can have a less challenging time finding the right ones.

The problem, though, is when you have hundreds of matches in a few days and start wondering what to do with all of them. Once saw fit to save you from all that drama and let you have one match every 24 hours. Of course, you have to like each other first before you can start chatting. After getting the suggested profile, you can decide what to do with it in the next 24 hours until the next one comes along. If you are one of those people that believe in the power of less, then this app is for you. This Once dating app review gives you a look at what else to expect.


The Stats

once dating app reviewThe Once dating app has been around for about seven months and has seen increased popularity since its inception. As of May 2017, just four months on the market, the app had three million users. The founder of Once, Jean Meyer said that they were looking to provide a slow dating experience for Europeans. With everything going so fast nowadays with other dating apps, he found it necessary to give people another option. Meyer also said that they were aiming for a younger demographic and less casual hook ups.

Once is available in seven languages across 32 countries, which opens up enough options for users. Initially, the app allowed for use in the UK, Spain, and France, so it is obviously quite popular in the European region. It’s available for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch. You can download it from Google Play Store or iTunes. Using the app is free although the features are a bit limited. However, the app offers a chance for more interactions through the use of Once crowns. These you have to buy, 5 for £4.99. You can use one crown for each of the following features:

  • Choose your own matches if there is a user you want to chat with.
  • Check to see if a member has read your message.
  • Send a message to an old match that you may have missed.

What it Packs

The unique selling point of Once is its one match per day feature. What’s interesting is that apparently, the matches are picked by real people. The site claims to have 250 personal matchmakers to help you find your daily match. Typically, dating apps use algorithms to match up compatible members. Once claims that real people look at your profile. Who then pick someone that may interest you based on age and location. After the app’s team of matchmakers have picked a suitable suggestion where both users see each other’s profiles at the same time and the clock starts ticking. This kind of personalised matchmaking is what most people look for when dating online. It saves you the hassles of handling thousands of matches that you are not interested in.

Once has a comprehensive sign up process. This is good because it indicates that the app wants to guarantee real people are registering. There is no complexity to the process, though. You just have to provide the regular details such as age, name, sexual orientation, and gender. You also have to give your mobile phone number, which is just for the authentication step. It is possible to add other information on your profile after signing up. Extra information makes it easier for the matchmakers. Completing the sign-up questionnaire may take you up to ten minutes, which may seem long for some people. But again, the more you give the more you’ll get back. Oh, and you can also use Facebook to sign up!

There is also a Fitbit incorporation in the app that allows use with wearables. You can use the app with a fitness tracker that will monitor your heart rate and display it when your match for the day pops up. What the app is trying to do is take advantage of that heart-skips-a-beat phenomenon that happens when you like someone. There are expectations that future versions will let matches send their heart rates to each other.


The Last Word

Once offers a somewhat different experience. However, one match a day may be too limited for some users. Imagine getting a suggestion that you don’t like and then having to wait another 24 hours for the next one. As much as it saves you the hassle of engaging with numerous potential matches, it limits your options just a tad. The minimalistic nature of the app has its plus points because the members seem to be of a higher quality than most apps offer. If you already have other apps on your phone, then it won’t hurt to add this one for those once off encounters that may turn into something beautiful.

The app is quite sleek and offers a great user experience. There is no struggling to find where the most important things are. The search filters are minimal as well, which is a good thing for most users. It also helps that you can go back and send a message to a match you didn’t see. Suggestions are sent at midday each day and not everyone is always on their phone, so it’s easy to miss one. If a past suggestion looks like they have potential, then you can use crowns to message them. A bummer, though, is the cost of the crowns. £1 for a crown seems a bit too much in my opinion.



Looking at what Once offers its users, it gets a solid 3.5-star rating. The one match per day is a nice touch and so are the matchmakers. The biggest downside is that you don’t have a guarantee that the suggestion you get for that day will appeal to you and there is a time restriction until the next one comes. You do have the option, however, to choose to pick your own match by using crowns.

If you need something more customised for your online dating, then Once is it. Hopefully, this Once dating app review has answered any questions you had.



App Store 4/5

Google Play 4.5/5

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