eHarmony Dating App Review


eharmony-2eHarmony is different from other dating sites. It uses a unique algorithm which has twenty-nine key factors to come up with the best possible match between members. For this reason, members can only see compatible matches which are sent to their inbox. Unlike many other dating sites, there is no way for members to browse through other members’ profiles. Nor can they make contact outside of the matches issued by the site.

Once a match has been made, there are several layers of communication that can guide a user through the delicate process of getting to know a stranger. These features are known as:

  • Quick Questions
  • Make or Break
  • Digging Deeper 
  • eHarmony Mail (a direct messaging service)

Once you are ready to move the relationship along there is the Secure Call facility. This will show as an unknown or private number, so be sure your phone accepts these! After the first call has been made, both of you can take it from there. The whole process is very secure. No random browsing. Only ‘matches’ can see your profile, details and images. All kept secure from prying eyes.

With full membership, you can view your own Personality Profile. Which is based on your answers, whenever you want to. The profile can be a fascinating glimpse into your own character. This outside look can help you to understand a bit more about yourself!

The stats: the nitty-gritty of the eHarmony dating app review

eHarmony first started in America when marriage counselor and clinical psychologist Neil Clarke invented the dating site. After thirty-five long years in the business, he understood what made relationships work or not. In 1997, frustrated with the random matches made by dating sites of the time, he decided to take fate out of the equation and set up eHarmony. Using his expertise to compile the questions which are then fed through an algorithm to produce the best matches.

eHarmony operates in over 150 countries with strong bases in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and America. The dating site opened in the UK five years ago and is now one of the top five dating sites in the region. The algorithm is tweaked for different countries. For example, in the UK this was done by studying couples aged between 19 and 81. Who were in marriages of durations between 1 and 65 years.

Users can download the app or access the site to fill in the questionnaire. (a process that can take up to eighteen hours to fully complete the over-250 questions! First, they must sign up to one of the subscriptions services in order to see their matches’ profiles.

More on the numbers with eHarmony

The primary focus of the site is for long term or permanent relationships. Unlike many other dating sites, eHarmony boasts a 1:1 ratio between male and female members. Users can be any age as long as they are over 18. Most members fall between the ages of twenty-five and fifty-five.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card (generally Visa or Mastercard) or by PayPal. There are two broad packages: Basic and Total Connect. There are one-month, three-month, six-month and twelve-month packages which work out to prices ranging from $59.95 (£44.95) per month for the one month service and $18.95 (£12.95) per month for the 12-month package. The basic subscription eharmony-3is cheaper (from under ten dollars per month). Only Total Connect offers access to calls without revealing phone numbers and deeper analysis of possible matches.

eHarmony dating app review: The Technical Side

You can use Android, iOS or Windows devices or desktop or laptop PCs to access the site. Computers must have Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome32, Mozilla/ Firefox 26 or Safari 7.0 or higher in all cases. On mobile devices, you can download and use the app and fill in the questionnaire. You will not be able to see or ‘talk’ to matches until you have paid.

  • Once you have signed up, allow at least forty-five minutes to fill in all the first answers. Do so honesty and truthfully. Continue to work on your profile over the next few days. Using the ‘In My Own Words’ sections to fill in the gaps on some of your answers. This will ensure that the algorithm has plenty of information to use to find good matches for you.
  • Submit your answers and wait for suitable matches to be suggested. If you are not sure about a match and want to see more without the system alerting the match in question, toggle on the Incognito feature. That way the ‘match’ just gets a message saying ‘someone looked at your profile using Incognito’. This gives you a bit more privacy. You do not feel pressured to keep communicating if you do not want to.

NB: The Incognito toggle only works from a computer at present. When you are in Incognito mode, you will stay that way on the mobile app until the setting is changed again on the computer.

eHarmony dating app review: The Last Word

After spending quite some time inputting all my information, I was surprised to see that I could not browse through member profiles. A more or less a time-honored tradition with other dating sites. Think Tinder and their 100-plus swipes per day! Once I had read through the FAQs on the site, I understood that this is for security reasons. I cannot browse through others’ profile, and they can’t look at mine either. Initially I found the wait for matches to be frustrating.

Ideal matches are few and far between.

However, once I realized the very high quality of those matches I was more than satisfied. Since signing up I have entered into two relationships both of which were mutually rewarding and fulfilling.

After the end of the first relationship I did ‘shop around’ a little when it came to dating sites. I was dismayed to see some eHarmony dating app reviews in which some customers were unhappy with their matches. They found their matches too sparse, too far away or potentially fraudulent.

Some of these eHarmony dating app reviews even claimed that the only happy stories they heard about eHarmony were from eight years ago or more. The site has declined since then. Others complained about the price. It is one of the most expensive dating sites on the market. Members had issues after wanting to cancel their subscriptions. They claimed issues with payments took several months after their cancellation. And little satisfaction forthcoming from the customer service department.

After a moment’s hesitation I remembered my experience with the site. No issues at all. It was easy enough to cancel once I had met my ‘match’. I decided to give eHarmony the benefit of the doubt.

The result was a second successful relationship. No issues with cancelling the account once we had met up in real life and hit it off.

Our eHarmony dating app review rating

eHarmony is not Tinder. Do not expect hundreds of superficial hook-ups or instant gratification. It is great for building solid, committed relationships with potential for long-term partnership. If you are looking for true love, then eHarmony is for you.

For serious relationship seekers eHarmony gets a 4 out of 5. Its price being the only real drawback. But then again, if you will only be using your account for one year or less to find a genuine long-term partner, you are likely to reap a good return on investment.

Download from

App Store 3.5/5

Google Play 3.1/5

Windows Phone Store 1.5/5