The True View Dating App Review


The True View Dating App Review

What you need to know:

Are you bored of trawling through tonnes of bots on online dating apps? Or chatting with someone online only to find out that the eligible singleton you have been talking to has been telling a few porkies about their age, career or other details of your life? Enter True View, a refreshing mobile dating app that is all about trust.

The aim of this app is to enable those who are looking for love and romance to connect with each other on an authentic level. Meaning if you’re looking for a serious relationship this could very well be the dating app for you. Building trust is the foundation here, since that’s what relationships are all about. You’ll need to share more details about your life than on a regular dating app.

Encouraged to build their ‘trust ratings‘ by posting verifiable content about their lives. Users of this mobile dating app are (so the creators of True View hope at least) will be empowered to show each other the truth about themselves. Their lives, their backgrounds, their interests and what they are hoping for on their next date. This True View dating app review gives an in-depth account of how the site works, and whether it lives up to this aim.

The stats:

The True View Dating App ReviewTrue View has been around for a few years. As a newcomer in 2014, it won the Best Newcomer award at the UK Dating Awards. The following year it won the Innovation Dating award at the same event. Download stats updated in January 2017 suggest that there are between 50, 000 and 100, 000 active users. This makes it one of the more popular dating apps around (indeed, some commentators believe that it will soon rival Tinder).

This free app is currently available only in English. Reflecting the fact that it is most popular in Anglophone countries. Available on both iOS and Android (Android 4.1 and up is required). Designed to appeal to all ages, the True View mobile dating app nevertheless seems to be most popular with the social media savvy generation of millennials in their late 20s and their 30s. The potential reasons for this will be outlined later in this dating app review.

What it packs:

The first thing that you will probably notice about this app is that it feels very much like using Facebook. Any True View dating app review should mention the fact that this app works on a micro-blogging model. As suggested above in this dating app review, this may well be why the True View mobile dating app appeals mainly to younger millennials.

When you log in to True View, the site will ask you to ‘check in’ and then state what it is that you are doing. The app encourages you to post a photo and more information about your life. As well as being presented with a blank box to write in, you will also be able to attach your photo or description to a designated category. There are too many categories to list in this dating app review but to give a flavour of them, they include:

  • Food
  • Outdoors
  • Social

  • Film
  • Work
  • Travel

In addition, you can add on some status updates similar to other familiar social networking sites. These include ‘watching the match’ or ‘chained to my desk’. With design features that clearly rival those on Tinder, this mobile app is ready to take on the market. This is not just the opinion of an individual user writing a dating app review. It is also the express intention of the founders Andrew Ibbotson, Damien Mitchell and Matt Verity. While Tinder simply involves swiping left and right, with the True View mobile dating app, singletons find more rich and detailed content.

While Tinder only requires swiping left and right, with the True View mobile dating app, singletons receive more rich and detailed content. In order for other members to find you, you must have a high ‘trust score’. This scoring system not only alleviates the problem of bots but it builds a more honest community. One that you are more likely to find a genuine match, instead of just some quick and casual date.

For millennials looking for a serious relationship, this app seems to be a perfect solution. For people on the go and always in touch via smartphone, but who also want to find genuine connections and not just a casual hook up. True View can offer detailed information about potential matches in a quick and familiar way. Think Facebook for dating.

The last word:

The True View Dating-App Review - dating-apps.comTo summarise this True View dating app review, you will love this app if you are into micro-blogging. At times, it can feel quite arduous using this app. Most dating apps are quick and snappy, but True View can become rather time-consuming! It’s better to think of it as another social media platform rather than just an app. My dating app review would not be complete if I did not mention the fact that this app requires a certain amount of investment. Checking in, detailing your activities and trying to make your profile as specific as possible so that you can get a higher trust rating.

Another thing that any True View dating app review should mention is that the app’s demand for detail can restrict your choices of potential partners. The app will only match you up with other users who have similar interests to you. Thus, the more detail you give on your profile, the harder it is to meet someone who has a different perspective from yourself. In sum, my True View dating app review is positive. You really feel that you are getting to know the other app users, and also to let them get to know you.

In contrast to Tinder, the focus is very much on finding romance rather than securing quick hookups. Nevertheless, I will end this dating app review on a somewhat cautionary note. Sometimes opposites do attract. Your perfect partner will be someone whose lifestyle differs considerably to your own – and this app does not reflect this.


It will be clear from the True View dating app review above that I am positive overall about the app. It’s fun to use and also exciting to see what all of these strangers (and potential dates) are getting up to every second of the day. These positive points have earned the app 3 stars from me! To get two extra stars, the app would need to do two extra things:

  1. Make the partner choices less automatically restricted
  2. Fix the glitches that cause the app to crash so frequently


iTunes  3.5 stars

Google Play  3 stars