Align App Review: Zodiac Dating in LA


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What You Need to Know about Align

While mainstream dating apps allow you to swipe right until your heart’s content, or browse a huge selection of profiles based on your preferences, there are some more ‘niche’ dating apps around which cater for those with special interests. Looking for a Jewish or Muslim partner? There’s an app for that.

How about searching for people who work ‘in uniform’; well there’s an app for that too. But now there is a very unique app in town, which goes a little deeper than looks and religion, and instead uses your star sign to find you a love interest made in astrological heaven! Sound a little kooky? I wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but I’m always down to try something new. So I downloaded the app and crossed my fingers that the stars would align and bring me my ideal partner. Read on for my full and honest Align app review.

Align App Review: The Stats

align app reviewAlign was first dreamed up in May 2014, when two astrology-loving friends were sat in a Spa discussing how terrible some of the dating apps on the market were. They thought that there must be better way than the soulless ‘looks only’ matches that many apps offered, which led them to the of Align.

Currently Align is only available for Los Angeles residents, although the team expect to expand to other major cities in the near future. Align has received praise from many top publications and websites, including Nylon, Glamour, TimeOut, i-D, and Paper. It is completely free to download, and it can be used on any smartphone or tablet that runs on iOS. Currently no Android app is available, but this could also change in the future.

Align’s ethos, along with its cool graphics and write-ups in several trendy publications, have helped to attract a young and rather attractive crowd. While there are a range people of all ages using the app, most people on here are between the ages of 23 and 40.

What it Packs

Align is easy to download, and you can instantly log-in with your Facebook account. Don’t panic, Align will never post anything on your wall, so your friends won’t know that you decided to try some astrology dating! From there you are asked to enter your star sign.

You are then presented with a list of adjectives and emojis, and it’s your job to choose the six that you most identify with. You can choose words like dreamy, fun-loving, and cool. Or you can do what I did, and pick only emojis to describe your personality. This was actually a really fun process, and way better than having to fill out all of those tedious ‘about me profiles’! This feature earned some extra bonus points for my align app review.

So anyway, these emojis and adjectives remain on your profile. The app will then automatically pick just five matches for you per day. So every day you can open up the app and see what astrology dating matches are waiting for you. It’s such a clever idea, and it takes the hassle out of having to browse hundreds of terrible profile pictures, and instead present your with a daily roundup of potential cosmically-compatible partners. All you have to do is choose to align with the other person, or choose to reject them. If you both click ‘align’, you will be able to start communicating with one another!

Align App Review: The Last Word

Although my Align app review was for educational purposes too, I was a little apprehensive to sign-up to an astrology dating site that matches people based on star-signs. I had vision of ageing incense-waving nomads and guru types popping up on my phone. But I was surprisingly wrong. Firstly, it’s not just all about when you were born. The fun emoji/descriptive word part of signing up allows to express yourself without having to write a cheesy blurb.

It’s great that they send you just five matches a day too, as you can take a look at my matches, align or delete and then get on with your day (rather than get carried away with the swipe). And as for the type of people that use the app, well based on photos I was slightly in shock about some of the very attractive matches that came my way (blush). And if you’re seeking a female partner in shine, then just know that this app has attracted a rather large number of hotties who are not only into astrology, but into yoga, spirituality and all that other good stuff too. If you already have an interest in astrology dating or have a spiritual practice, than Align could really help you to find a soul mate who had the same interests and likes. There are some particularity positing Align reviews from users too!


I’m going cosmic crazy over this cute little astrology dating app. While it may not pack some of the technical punch of other dating apps, what it does offer is a simple way to let the stars align. Overall, for my Align review I rate it a solid 4 stars out of 5. Enjoy!

Sidenote: Others in the office think Astrology is complete nonsense, but in that case you won’t get anywhere near this app anyway. So this review is for the ones who want some cosmic magic in their lifes.

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