Plenty of Fish Dating App Review


Plenty of Fish boasts that it has more dates, more relationships, and more visits than any other dating site. It also makes the rather bold claim that you will know at least one person who has found someone through Plenty of Fish. I did, for some time, contemplate sending a group message to all of my phone contacts to ascertain whether this was true or not. Then I thought it might be better for all of us if I just gave Plenty of Fish a go myself. So here’s my Plenty of Fish dating app review.

All you need to know with this Plenty of Fish dating app review

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with what it had to offer. The search tool allows you to filter other users by location, age, body type, even intentions. I imagine this could be useful for avoiding any awkwardness on the first date. That way you don’t have to clarify that you’re not looking for anything serious. Equally important is that you want to have two kids and a semi-detached suburban house within the next five minutes. Profiles are also laid out in an accessible way. You don’t have to waste your whole evening scrolling up and down to find out if Julie likes dogs or if Sandra has the requisite level of low self-esteem to make her ‘the one’. (Yes, you can actually search for users based on their self-confidence level.)

The interface generally is easy to navigate. The design is a bit dull and could probably do with a modern revamp. The app has several unique features, including tests that determine your compatibility with other users. The chemistry test allows you find more suitable matches. The relationship needs test makes the frightening claim of being able to determine exactly what you need in a relationship based on a dozen or so multiple choice questions.

Although there are areas of Plenty of Fish that could be improved, overall I’d say the app is worthwhile. Not so fast, though! Before you cast your rod out into the deep and mysterious sea of online dating, check out this detailed Plenty of Fish dating app review below. This overview of Plenty of Fish has the technical features of the app and who it is best suited for.

Plenty of Fish Dating App Review – The Stats:

plenty-of-fish-2With over three million daily active users from all across the globe, with particular popularity in the UK, Canada, U.S.A, and Brazil, Plenty of Fish has seen incredible growth since starting out in 2003. It is one of the few online dating sites that offers a complete service. It allows you to browse, message and match with users for free. The app itself is free to download on iOS, Android, and Windows. It is available in several languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and English. The only way in which Plenty of Fish can dig into your wallet is if you sign up to a premium account, which offers varying price plans for three, six, and

The only way in which Plenty of Fish can dig into your wallet is if you sign up for a premium account. A premium account offers varying price plans for three, six, and twelve-month contracts. The main benefits of a premium account are no adds, the ability to see who has viewed your profile. Premium accounts get a prioritised place on the Meet Me feature. This means more users are likely to pass by your profile and therefore get in touch.

Plenty of Fish is exclusively focused on neither hook-ups or serious, long-term dating. Although their main market is arguably people in their twenties and thirties, you’ll find people of every age and background on Plenty of Fish.

Plenty of Fish Dating App Review – What It Packs:

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Plenty of Fish is the extensive advanced search option. This brings up several different criteria, including odd specifics, such as star sign and hair colour. As well as even odder arbitrary criteria, including self-confidence, openness, and even easygoingness. After a while, it becomes clear that, although the extensive search options are impressive, this doesn’t necessarily make them useful.

Plenty of Fish offers different tests that help to determine your compatibility with other members. The chemistry test helps to bring up more suitable matches on the Meet Me feature once you have completed it. It can be useful, but it is also quite time-consuming. You can’t help thinking that it could be condensed. The relationship needs test seems perversely overbearing for an online dating app. It asks some uncomfortable, probing personal questions that can make it seem as though you’ve inadvertently made an appointment with an online therapist.

The Last Word on Plenty of Fish:

plenty-of-fish-3Plenty of Fish offers most of the features of its more costly competitors, a simple (though admittedly not eye-catching) interface, and a huge pool of men and women to browse. My overall Plenty of Fish dating app review can only be a positive one. During my brief time using the app, I never once came across a potential fake or troll account. I found many of its members to be easy to talk to and willing to arrange to meet up. Be warned, though, that they may become irate after you tell them that you don’t actually want to meet up and you were only talking to them for research reasons… However, I can’t see this being a problem you will run into unless you also have to write a Plenty of Fish dating app review.

Our Rating: 3.5 Stars

Plenty of Fish is definitely one of the best free dating apps out there. It can compete with more revered services such as eHarmony that have a monthly charge. The Meet Me feature is great for finding mutual matches. It saves you the time and effort of filtering through the hundreds of profiles belonging to people near you. If you’re looking for someone even more specific – say a twenty-six-year-old Christian that has two cats and blonde hair. Plenty of Fish can help you out with that.

By addressing certain design flaws, condensing the chemistry test, and scrapping the unsettling, almost dystopian relationship needs test, Plenty of Fish could well become the biggest name in online dating. I’ve decided to give a score of 3.5/5 for this Plenty of Fish dating app review. I feel it has the potential to score much higher.

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App Store 3.5/5

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