Down Dating App Review


For this Down dating app review, I became a member. An app which claims it differs from a lot of others on the market. In this article, I’ll talk about my personal experience along with other facts and stats regarding the app.

Down Dating App Review – What you need to know

Down at first glance seems incredibly innovative and modern. Another dating app that aims to make dating or ‘hooking up’ a bit easier. Down’s unique selling point is that you can show your interest in ‘getting down’ with other users. The app gives users the option to swipe up or down. Up signifies that you’d like to take the user on a date, and down signifies that you want to ‘get down’. This means that it’s catering for those looking for casual hookups and to those more serious about finding a partner. Although Down does offer something a little different. My experience using it was far from great. Without signing up for a premium account the features are very limited. I found that during my short time using the app I was hassled to sign up to premium almost every couple of minutes.

Down Dating App Review – The Stats

down dating app reviewThe app is clearly more centred on casual hookups than anything else. I think that’s pretty evident when looking at the website itself. It would appear that Down in its current form has been around since approximately 2013. Down has reached over one million downloads on the Google Play store. It’s also available on IOS devices as well as Android and has reached number one in the download charts for dating apps in the past.

However, looking at the social media pages related to the company it could be argued that some of these figures may be fabricated. Down as a company, considering there have been over one million downloads of the app, have a very weak social media following with poor engagement. Although this could be just unfortunate, when comparing its social media follower count to other dating apps with this many downloads, it could be argued that some of the one million downloads may not be genuine.

The app’s target market would appear to be 18-30. Its design and persona reflect this. Currently, the app is available in the UK and US and caters to English speakers. The free version of the app is extremely limited and only allows you to view 10 members per day. The option for premium membership is rammed down your throat every couple of minutes. But it’s difficult to find out how much this actually costs. With a bit of research, I was able to find a figure of $16.99 but not how much the app would cost in GBP. This monthly fee allows you full access to all members. It also claims that you will be anonymous to Facebook friends, but the website states that this is also true for the free version.

Down Dating App Review – What it packs

The app has many features associated with a lot of other dating apps. Including a messaging option and anonymous swiping. Functions are the same for both men and women. Which include swiping up to show interest in dating someone or swiping down for casual hookups. Unlike other dating apps, there is no bio or profile option so you are swiping solely on looks. The app is very basic with its features and lacks search filters that are included with other apps of this nature. For example, you are only able to filter by age and gender which is very limiting. Like other dating apps, users are only able to message other users when a mutual match occurs to save any embarrassment.

Down Dating App Review – The Last Word

I have tried many dating apps now and I must say I was very unimpressed by Down. The sleazy nature of it. Especially when reading the blog posts on their website, made me cringe. I found the app incredibly clunky and terribly designed. Although ascetically it attempts to be simplistic and trendy, it’s very unresponsive and lacks so many features. Without a premium membership, it is difficult to see how anyone would have any success with it.

I also did a bit of research regarding the experiences of others. I found a few members who stated that they were unable to cancel their premium membership and were still being charged. The app also uses tricks to up their ratings. By allowing you to view a few more members for rating the app 5 stars in the app store. The lack of search filters was a real deal breaker for me. I usually set a certain distance that I would like to meet people in and this did not allow me to do that.

I also checked out the website associated with the app and was hit with more disappointment. There’s a real lack of information. Both on the website and on the app itself. For an app that has been around for at least 3-4 years, the lack of information and support available was astonishing. It appeared as though the develops quickly knocked an app out and then didn’t update or do anything further with it since then. For me it all seems almost a little bit dodgy. The download figures do not correlate to the social media following or the amount of user feedback.

Down Dating App Review – Rating

I usually find something positive to say about most dating apps but I find it difficult to praise this one. Although I do think that it’s great that it caters to both those looking for casual hookups and serious dating, I feel like these things don’t really work in the same place. For me, casual hookup apps and serious dating apps should be kept separate. I can’t say I recommend this app in any way.

I rate the app 1 star.

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iTunes 5/5 stars

GooglePlay 4/5 stars