BeNaughty Dating App Review


The BeNaughty Dating App Review

If you’re single, then you’ve probably tried dating apps. There are many out there, but this article will focus on the BeNaughty dating app review. I downloaded and tested the app before looking at other BeNaughty dating app reviews online as I didn’t want to have a biased opinion in any way before I started.

BeNaughty Dating App Review – What you need to know

If you want your phone to vibrate every five seconds with a new message, ‘wink’ or ‘like’, then this is the app for you. However, if you’d like these to be people then this probably isn’t the app you should go for. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great for an ego boost, but from what I can gather it’s 100% fake. I received around 30 messages from women in the area in the first half an hour of signing up. The USP of this app is to allow people to have casual hookups with relative ease.

This would be great if it were possible to decipher the real women from the ‘bots’. The format of the app is very similar to other dating apps. The ‘free’ features are very limited, the app is hardly functional in ‘free mode. Which means only allowing you to send one message per day. Not allowing you to view any of the messages that you have apparently received until you pay up.

BeNaughty Dating App Review – The Stats

The website claims to be the best online dating site in the UK, with approximately 40,000 single members (updated 2016). After doing a bit of research on the age of the company, I found that the domain itself was registered in 2004. However, I couldn’t find any information that indicated that the site itself had been operating before 2009. It’s UK based app with most members seeming to be between the ages of 20-30. It is very evident that the sole purpose of this website is to entice members to sign up to meet other ‘singles’ interested in casual sex.

The app is available on IOS and Android devices and appears only to be available in English-speaking countries. Premium membership will cost you £36.99 per month, but the fee is discounted if joining for a longer duration. For example, paying for a three-month membership equates to £27.99 per month. Or £16.49 per month if a six-month membership is purchased. This gives access to all member profiles, unlimited messaging, and email matchmaking.

BeNaughty Dating App Review

BeNaughty Dating App Review – What It Packs

The app has similar features to other dating apps. Allowing members to show interest in other members through various means. Specifically Be Naughty allows users to ‘wink’ at other users, send a message, or ‘add to favourites’. Using these features towards another member will send a notification to said member to show your interest. There’s also a ‘like or not’ feature. This is similar to other dating apps on the market where you swipe pictures of members left or right to indicate whether you ‘like them’, or ‘not’.

The app also allows members to search for their ideal match based on filters like ‘body type’, ‘skin type’ and other categories centred around physical appearance. Functions of the app seem to be the same for both men and women. However, I did read that in the past BeNaughty allowed women to become members for free. I’m unaware if this is still the case, but if it is, it may explain the vast number of fake profiles.

BeNaughty Dating App Review – The Last Word

I have a lot to say about this app, to me it is one of the biggest scams I’ve ever seen. The sole purpose seems clearly to exploit single people wishing to have a bit of fun. I found even found myself becoming victim to the app, thinking ‘what if these women are real?!’. After rationalising, I realised it is virtually impossible for 30 very attractive women to find a very average looking man like myself so irresistible that they cannot help but inundate me with messages within minutes of signing up.

However, I can see how this app makes its money. I can imagine a lot of people signing up for a premium profile just to see what the blurred out messages they have received from all of these beautiful ‘bots’ actually say. I decided to use my one ‘free’ message to message one of these ‘bots’ and funnily enough received an obvious computer generated reply that did not relate in any way to the question that I asked.

BeNaughty Dating App Review – Rating

If you are thinking of signing up to this app, please don’t. Unless of course, you want to pretend to your mates that you’ve got lots of women interested in you. That’s probably all it’s useful for. After a bit of research online, I discovered that my experience on the app was identical to many others that decided to give it a try. By this I mean, lots of other people received a stupid amount of messages from bots within minutes of signing up. Some even took the bait of signing up to the premium version out of curiosity.

Reading around I also found out that the premium membership is notoriously hard to cancel, so yeah, don’t do it! I’ve signed up to various dating websites and apps, and there are some great ones out there. However, sadly this does not get my vote. The only positive review that I read was an experience from one man who although suffocated by ‘bots’, managed to find a real woman on there somewhere. Kudos to him for that, I can’t imagine that is a very common experience. Save yourself the time and money and sign up for another dating site that is slightly better known for being legitimate!

I give this 1 star, if I could give it zero, I probably would.

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Google Play 3.5/5 stars