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Read all you need to know about Fliqpic in our dating app review

Fliqpic is a free app. I would describe it as a sophisticated new wine bar. It is classy (so not a hook-up site, boys and girls!) and refined (some polished features and in-depth profiling). But it suffers from one great problem. A lack of users. As I am sure you know, the key ingredient for dating sites is a variety of members. Variety is the spice of life, after all – particularly when it comes to dating! But this is where Fliqpic falls down as an app. It boasts live video chat, great profile depth and a dazzling array of other features – but it all comes up short when there is a lack of people to date.

Fliqpic Dating App Review – The Stats

The Fliqpic dating app was released in 2015, with a noble ambition to combine the best aspects of Facebook, Skype and Instagram for the dating scene. Shooting for the stars, yes, but missing by a considerable distance. At the time of writing, Fliqpic’s Facebook page had only 26 likes, its Twitter account has not been updated for over half a year, and its actual website seemed to be offline altogether.

That said, the app is still available for download on Google Play, and is in perfect working order – although it has only achieved 5,000 installs in the first year of release.

Fliqpic is available on the Android and for smartphones (FREE of charge), and it markets itself as an app for those of any age looking to meet their ‘true match.’

Fliqpic Dating App Review – What It Packs

fliqpic dating-app reviewLive video chat is the main pull of Fliqpic. You can forget staring at someone’s blurry picture and hoping a person of that likeness will show up on Saturday; instead, you can video-chat with them right here and now in the comfort of your bedroom…or living room.

Text chat is available too, obviously. You can post a variety of pictures to your profile page, which other users can see. You connect with other users through a simple tap of the finger. Standard practice these days – and a detailed message history is stored. Which is very useful if someone is playing hard to get!

In terms of finding your ideal match, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire as part of the sign-up process. The questions are quite in-depth (they cover religion, politics etc.). You should probably serve as a notice that this is not Tinder! Further to that, Fliqpic enables you to post your views on to your profile (a bit like Facebook). You can search for people who think alike through the medium of hashtags (a bit like Twitter). Or, as Fliqpic call it: “Discover chemistry and compatibility without first date insecurities.”

Fliqpic Dating App Review – The Last Word

So what were my overall experiences on this site? Initially, I was impressed with the depth of the profiles. If you are someone who craves an in-depth online dating experience, in order to better your chances of finding ‘the one,’ then this is something that will tick a big box for you. Political leanings, religious affiliation and smoking and alcohol habits are just some of the things covered.

And browsing through the app’s interface, I was pleased with the smooth and responsive interface. The ease with which it was possible to chat to other users. One massive plus point, and probably this app’s USP, is the live video chat feature. I am sure we have all been on a first date that seemed to be nothing but awkward silences and forced conversation. Well Fliqpic can confidently tackle that agonising question of “Oh my God, are we compatible?” One five-minute video chat before you date will probably be all you need to solve that dilemma.

But the shortfall remains the lack of users. Hey, I suppose if you click with someone in your first hour of using the app, then it is all good, otherwise you could be in for some disappointment.

But for free, can you really complain? And if Fliqpic hits a resurgence of users, it could be dining at the top table of dating in the near-future.

Fliqpic Dating App Review – Rating

I toyed with the idea of signing off this Fliqpic dating app review with a fence-sitting rating of 3.5 stars. But I am not a fence sitter. So I will rate it at 4 stars. The live video chat adds an extra layer of usability that other apps lack. In spite of the disappointing amount who use Fliqpic, the profile depth and personality content means that searching for a good match has never been so simple.

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