Pure Dating App Review


Pure Dating App Review – What You Need to Know

The Pure dating app is not an app that messes around and neither does it’s user base. Make no mistake, this is a hook up app first and foremost; think lust not love. It doesn’t link to your social media or require any signup, you just take a selfie and put yourself out there. It’s refreshingly direct, if a little daunting to begin with.

Once you’ve uploaded your photo the app scans the local area and shows up any users that match your request and if you both like the look of each other then, much like many other apps, you’re put in a chat window to discuss your romantic intentions. If nothing comes up in the first hour then the app deletes your request and photo and asks if you want to try again, an approach that love seekers who want to maintain a bit of anonymity are sure to be happy with.

Pure Dating App Review – The Stats

Pure Dating App ReviewSo here’s the brass tacks, the nuts and bolts as it were. The Pure dating app has been around since 2013. It is available on Android and iOS and has a pretty healthy user base in most large population centres. If you’re using this in London or Manchester or the like you can expect a good chunk of hits. If you’re in a smaller town then Tinder might be a better bet. As mentioned above, this is definitely an app for hooking up rather than finding that special someone. The nature of the app, being simple to use and deleting your details after an hour, lends itself to anonymous hook ups. It’s users seem well in tune with that. The few days I used it in Brighton I got a decent amount of responses. None of them were looking for happily ever after.

As far as pricing goes, you get a free seven day trial when you download the app. When that’s used up it’s £15.70 per month for unlimited use. It’s certainly pricey but if you’re in the right location and looking for no strings attached arrangements then it’s probably worth the price. The app has no bells and whistles but what you pay for is a discreet service and a healthy sized user base so the decision is really up to you.

Location, location, location, …

In terms of popular locations, big metropolitan areas are the main hotspots. Their site lists Moscow, London, New York, Mexico City and Los Angeles as their most popular areas. If you think your local town is low on numbers then you may have some trouble finding dates with Pure. Also, it’s good to remember that currently the app is only available in English or Russian. So bare that in mind when you’re considering forking out for a monthly subscription.

In the time I spent with the app I didn’t notice any real pattern to the people I was being linked with bar their intentions. All ages, classes, races, whatevers, seemed to be present. Unlike Tinder or other comparable dating apps you don’t specify any particular age or other details when you search for users. So look forward to encountering a little bit of everything from everyone on Pure.

Pure Dating App Review – What it Packs

The Pure dating app is pretty sparse in terms of features. To search for other users you just need to upload a photo of yourself then the app gives you a sort of radar mock up over a map of your location and shows where other users are in relation to you. Once you click on your prospective match and they’re happy with you too then you can chat with them via the chat window in the app. Nothing fancy, but functional and I actually quite like the minimal style.

Your details are deleted after an hour so there’s very little memory used and no list of previous contacts stored. This is both a blessing and a curse as you can be chatting with someone as your hour runs out and then you’ll disappear from each others radar. It’s simple enough to find them again but it would be nice to have some kind of fail-safe built in for that.

Pure Dating App Review – The Final Word

So what’s the final word then? I think I’m pretty positive with this app over all and I’ve enjoyed putting together this Pure dating app review. The style of the app is clean, all black and white with a nice location overview. The user base matches the brand profile. If all your looking for is a hook up then you could do a lot worse than Pure. While I’m not so interested in the one hour, delete your info, don’t leave a trace system, I can see why it would appeal to someone looking for truly anonymous hook ups.

I live in a pretty lively town so the user base was large enough and active enough to experience what Pure had to offer. From what I’ve read, smaller cities and towns may be a little sparse when it comes to users. If you live in a big city or you’re planning a visit and what a little adventure, then Pure has you covered. One thing I would like to see implemented is a way of keeping users I’m actively chatting from disappearing once my hour was up! Other than that I thought the app worked just fine. It did exactly what it said on the tin.

Pure Dating App Review – The Rating 4.5 out of 5

I’m giving this pure dating app review a final score of 4.5 out of 5. I feel like the app does everything it needs to and doesn’t waste any energy on extras that no one asked for. If it wasn’t for the disconnect after an hour issue this would be five stars for sure.

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