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Ready to throw in the towel on the world of online dating? Before you make any rash decisions, it might be worth giving the dating app a try. Whether you’re a newcomer to online dating or a disenchanted dab hand, makes a fantastic first stop. Especially if you’re on the hunt for a connection that’ll last long enough to see a second date.

In the UK alone, boasts some 4.5 million individual users. Which means there really are more than enough fish to hook and net for your next big date. With so many active users to engage with, you’re bound to find someone whose interests suit your desires. Designed for a life on the go, their dating app takes all the best features from its main site and packages them in a neat, orderly and easy to browse app for existing members.

Simply search for the kind of person you’re after with few pieces of key criteria, swipe through hundreds of profiles until you land on an interesting match. Then you’re free to connect with your next dream date. Looking for insight? Get all the stats and specs you’ll need with our dating app review. Dating App Review – How it Works

After more than two decades online, it’s no wonder that remains the ‘go-to’ for millions looking to find an online love connection, hook up, or something more serious. With so many active members to sift through, you’ll want to make sure your own profile says enough about you. Yet you don’t want to give the whole thing away too easy.

When you first sign up to, you’ll be asked to complete the usual registration process in order to build your profile. Take your time as you build your profile and be sure to give honest answers. The app will give you suggestions for connections after your profile is completed, so one erroneous bit of information can have big implications. Be careful when listing your favourite movies, for example. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to bluff through a conversation on the finer points of Cinéma vérité over first dinner drinks.

The profile registration and personality questionnaire is designed to save you the time of trawling through potentially thousands of profiles. With recent algorithm improvements, there’s a better chance than ever before of being auto-generated a desirable match. You’ll find people from all walks of life on, all looking for very different things. If you’re looking for true love, marriage and 2.4 children down the line, you’re likely to find more than a few decent prospects here. If you’re after something more laid-back, is an ideal place to break the ice. It’s a great place to pick up date invites and casual connections. Those on the hunt for a bit of fun can also use the platform to meet prospective partners. There are plenty of members up for casual dalliances with no-strings-attached hook ups. Track down another dating app review or two to see how others are doing.

match-com-2The Numbers

In the first quarter of 2015, the UK arm of boasted almost 1.5 million paying customers. That’s a lot of potential partners, without taking into account the non-paying members of the site. Those in the 25-44 age bracket make up the biggest user demographic, accounting for 48% of total users. If you’re aiming to land mutual match in this age range, this is an ideal starting place for your search. With more than 1 million unique visitors per month, the mobile app that holds diversity in high priority. Designed with designated gay and lesbian dating, Christian dating and ex-pat dating.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a pay site. might command a subscription from users, but compared to other dating sites, the asking price is relatively small. Those signing up to the service for the first time will usually be presented with 3 different pricing tiers. Members can choose a single month’s membership at £29.99, rolling on every month. They can get a big discount when they pay in advance. Pay for 3 months in one and save £10, or pay for 6 months to save a princely 300%.

The dating app for mobile covers all the same territories as the main online site. The app is popular in major UK cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Liverpool, where users can browse more profiles than anywhere else in the country.

Like other IAC dating apps and sites, is available in over 20 different languages. Making it ideal for international lonely hearts looking to make a connection in their native tongue, wherever they are in the world.

Although almost half of all active users occupy the 25-44 age bracket, the biggest growth observed is with members aged 50 and over. The single parent category also saw a 40% increase in new members in 2015. Dating App Review – What It Packs

If you think the latest version of the app looks a little familiar, it won’t surprise you to learn that the dating app and site is owned by the same parent company as Tinder. Slick and streamlined, the new app gives players more immediate control over their matches. It lets them sift through potential dates with the same speed as a Tinder swipe in Match’s new Mixer feature. Allowing you a quick glance through profiles at record pace.

Swipe right if you like what you see, and swipe left if you’re not interested. Simple. After more conventional browsing? has a fantastic Stream feature which provides you a steady selection of potential dates to consider. Match has loaded secondary pictures onto the main page of a user’s profile. That way it’s easier to make a good decision, without clicking through dozens of profile pages. Which warps the algorithms and your suggested matches later down the line. Dating App Review – The Last Word

If there’s a common gripe about dating sites and apps, it’s that auto-generated match suggestions for connections are often way off the mark. Thanks to a significant redesign inspired by the success of user-friendly Tinder, the latest app gives users a better chance of landing an appropriate date. The profile sign up and personality test is now much more detailed. It gives a better idea of who you actually are, rather than provide you with a misleading online avatar.

It’s easier to get more information about you on the page and combined with the Stream feature, gives you a much better chance of finding someone who shares the same interests as you. The option of seeing extra pictures without having to browse a profile is also welcome. It gives interested parties the freedom to browse, without having to deal with the inevitable “…I caught you looking at my profile’ messages.

You only need to read one dating app review online to realize this latest version of the software is leaps and bounds ahead of previous releases. Whatever kind of connection you’re looking for, with so many prospective partners online at any one time, chances are you’ll find someone who piques your interest.

Rating: 3 out of 5

It’s a big improvement on previous apps, but this latest take on mobile dating from still suffers from the same hurdles as other big dating marketplaces. The refinements to member profiles and match algorithms are the most welcome new features here. Although the Mixer and Stream profile browsers are a nifty new way to nail down a match. If you’ve considered our dating app review and still aren’t sure whether this is the tool for you, why not download it and register for a free profile to give it a try for yourself.

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