Sndbx Dating App Review


With online dating becoming increasingly more popular, there are a number of new apps on the market looking to offer something different. This article will focus on a sndbx dating app review that I compiled after testing out this new app with a great USP.

Sndbx Dating App Review – What You Need To Know

Although Sndbx is still in Beta mode, it does show some promising signs of being a worthwhile dating app. As I’m from the UK, the app is not currently very usable in my area. At the moment it’s available to use in the US in particular areas. I chose an area that the app currently covers in the US and tested it out. Sndbx is an event based dating app. Before downloading it I had no idea what an event based dating app even was.

To give you a better idea of what it’s all about, event based dating apps are focused on helping singles arrange dates without the hassle of trying to muster up a time, date, or location. Basically, the way it works is you choose a location in which you wish to search for a date. The app will give you a list of events that are happening soon. Once you choose an event, you will then be shown a selection of other single people that are attending the event, or live in that area. Simply swipe left or right to show your interest. If you match with another person, then your date location is already set for you. This app basically takes out the middle man, which is an excellent idea.

Sndbx Dating App Review – The Stats

sdnbx reviewAs mentioned above, the app is still in Beta mode and is still yet to launch in some locations. The places that the app covers are Bay Area, Greater NYC, LA, Chicago, Greater DC, Austin Texas, San Diego California, and Greater Philadelphia. However, it’s important to be aware that some of these locations such as ‘LA’ will not be available until early 2017.

I was unable to find statistics on the number of current members. It would appear that at this stage, the company is trying to gain as many members as possible through existing member referrals. The app is available on both IOS and Android and is gaining in popularity on the Google Play store. In terms of premium features, I was unable to identify any, and it would appear that at this stage use of the app is free of charge. The target age range seems to be 18-30. The focus is definitely casual dating with for those who want to cut out the small talk.

Sndbx Dating App Review – What It Packs

The app allows members to create a profile which can be done through a Facebook login to save time and fill in basic details. The features are very basic but in a good way. It’s clear that the developers focused on simplicity when designing this. The app uses a ‘drag and drop’ format which runs smoothly.

For example drag the location that you wish to search for into a sandbox (which is clearly where the app gets its name). Once you’ve done that, nearby events will be shown. Which you can then drag into the sandbox and be presented by ‘singles’ that you can swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to. Functions would appear to be exactly the same for male and female members who can follow the same format to set up a date. Once you match with other ‘singles’, you can send messages to them. A feature that you will find on most dating apps.

Sndbx Dating App Review – The Last Word

Although I was unable to fully experience the wonders of this app, I was very impressed with it. I won’t be getting a date from Sndbx anytime soon unless I decide to move to the US. But I found the whole idea of it really something wonderful. I am a big fan of the simplicity of the app. The sign-up process was very quick and gaining access to other ‘singles’ was a breeze.

The USP is very relevant, especially to us Millennials who seem to have lost the ability to communicate effectively with the opposite sex. This app does it all for you. You swipe, you match, your date location is decided. It’s a revolutionary new way of finding a potential partner. Although you could see it as rather gimmicky, I can see this taking off. Not only in the US but also in the UK if the company decide to launch it here. The feel of the app is incredibly contemporary, and the overall design and layout are very appealing.

Sndbx Dating App Review – Rating

I would recommend this app to anybody who is lucky enough to currently live in any of the locations in which it is available. I can relate to the problem that this app is looking to solve. As a single person myself who is constantly trying to arrange dates while also keeping my potential partner interested in me at the same time, I can tell you it can be a hassle. I like that this app eliminates a lot of small talk and gets down to the main event.

Many online dating websites and apps require you to converse a lot before arranging an actual date. This is great but can mean that you’ve exhausted the conversation before you’ve even met the person in real life. Another thing that I think is a great selling point of this app is that it allows you to meet other single people in safe, well-known locations. This is not usually the case with other dating apps that may expose members to dangerous situations

In the end, I will rate this app four stars. I would have rated it five if it was more widely available.

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