Antidate Review


Antidate ReviewThe advent of the dating app has revolutionised the way we meet new people. That much has been clear for some time. One thing that perhaps wasn’t so clear is just how quickly we as an audience would become so bored with the traditional paradigm of looking for each other. You see, while other dating apps have tried various spins on the dating game, they have all broadly stuck to the same song sheet; people, either by a process of selection, an algorithm, or some other means, finding someone they might like. In our Antidate review you’ll see how the Antidate dating app is set to change the face of dating apps by throwing that fundamental system out of the window.

Unlike the traditional dating app model, the Antidate dating app is unashamedly based on inequality between the sexes. It is putting the decision making solely in the hands of women. With Antidate, men play a purely passive role in the game of love. Indeed, men don’t even have the ability to see the profiles of their female counterparts. Women, on the other hand, get full access to the profiles of guys looking for love, and decide whether or not to pass on a guy or send him a message.

Of course this means that women have to do all of the work, but for many this is a more appealing prospect than being bombarded with messages by would–be suitors. And the men? Well the men just have to be honest with their profile, find a good picture of themselves, and sit back. Once a woman decides to express interest in a man, the dating game takes on a more traditional appearance, with the man now being able to see that woman’s profile and the typical two–way dance getting under way.

The Antidate dating app also sports some useful features to ensure there are no nasty surprises. Such as a positive rating on your profile when another Antidate dating app user confirms you look like your picture. As well as a time–stamped selfie profile picture so you know the image you’re looking at is recent. For the men, there is also the ability to turn off their location, meaning women can’t see you on the in–app map. Of course this may hamper your dating prospects, but privacy is important and Antidate have you covered in that regard.

The Antidate Review: What you need to know

Antidate first came onto the dating scene in 2014, receiving quite a bit of attention in the media due to its unique nature. There is no defined goal with Antidate. If you are looking for friends, a relationship, even a one–off hook up, Antidate works just as well. It’s probably best to make your intentions clear in your profile to avoid any misunderstanding.

The Antidate dating app is still relatively new and just as relatively local to the London area, so the user base isn’t huge in global terms, but the makers of the app have plans to spread far and wide, and were searching for investment to fuel that expansion as recently as Spring 2015. On the subject of money, the app itself is free and available on the iTunes App Store.

The Antidate Features

Antidate ReviewThe main feature of Antidate is obviously the asymmetrical experience of women taking on all the leg work in exchange for complete control over their experience. Antidate also links up nicely with your Instagram account. This is to provide a wealth of all–important images to look over before making any dating decisions. There is a “nearby” feature, allowing women to see the men nearby on a handy map. As mentioned, guys do have the ability to opt out of this feature, however. Perhaps the most useful feature is that of user grading, where users can grade other users they have communicated with. In this way Antidate review your standing and give you a letter grade.

If you’re the kind of person who just asks for naked selfies, you’ll likely soon find your inbox empty. The result of an Antidate review may also see you expelled if you repeatedly offend. Similar to the grading feature is the aforementioned “Eyeball ID” feature. It allows users to confirm or deny that a user looks like their pictures. Adding another layer of security against those looking to game the system or cause trouble.

Antidate Review

Two years in, Antidate is still going strong and there’s a reason for that. Antidate was one of the first of a new breed of dating apps that twist the very paradigm on which dating apps and services were built on. Though it’s rather limited geographically at the moment, Antidate is perfectly suited to cities and other densely populated areas. The only thing that will stop it from spreading successfully out of London is another app coming along and doing it better. The aim of this Antidate review is to give you as much information as possible about what to expect using the app. That being said, the app is free. If you’re in an area covered by Antidate, give it a try. See for yourself if it’s something that appeals to you.

Let’s Rate the Antidate Dating App

No Antidate review would be complete without some kind of quantified rating. This app is a little tricky, however. It certainly gets a high rating for its functionality and usefulness, however it is hampered greatly by its geographical limitations. If you’re in London or one of the supported areas, Antidate is a four, maybe even five star app. If you’re not in one of those areas however, Antidate is of little use to you.

So, while this Antidate review is fully willing to give the app a four out of five star rating, it does come with the caveat that that rating only applies if you’re in a region that the Antidate dating app covers. If you’re not, be patient; it’ll probably be there soon.

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