Jackdapp Gay Dating Review


Jackdapp gay dating is a world of headless torsos, nudity, suggestive themes, intense sexual content, and really hot guys. If you are lucky, it could also be a world of a steaming hot relationship that could, in fact, lead to marriage. Jackdapp knows best how to create a platform for making new friends and starting relationships. For men who may want to keep it casual, there is more than enough room. Especially now that there are endless profile options, unending matches, and multiple photos. If you have wild imaginations of meeting the perfect guy, jackdapp gay dating site is the place to be. It is easy to know who viewed your profile and find out who’s into you. Either way, one name that stands out whenever you think of gay dating is jackdapp. This app has a large number of users, and it is free to use.

The Stats

jackdapp gay datingJackdapp gay dating has been on the scene for about a month and already has a membership of close to 2.5 million users. The app is relatively new and more common among the UK locals, meaning the user base is not too huge in global terms. However, there are plans to fuel its expansion far and wide. To download the app, the user has to be at least 18 years old. Perhaps the most positive bit about this app is the fact that it has more diverse community users including bears, twinks, strictly friends, big muscles, straight-curious, and long-term relationships. When you choose a category that suits you, it becomes easier to be found by the type of guys you want.

Compared to all other dating apps, jackdapp app review shows that it is indeed the best program available for all smartphone users. There is one little exception, however. It is not terrific to make five starts for one exception. While iPod touch and iPhone users can send photos easily; together with the five slated for the profile, Android uses only view photos sent by users. The app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It is also available in 15 languages, including English, Portuguese, French, Danish, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Slovak, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Russian. Depending on the package you choose, payment is charged to your account during the confirmation of the purchase. The pro subscriptions include a package that starts at $1.99 for 7 days, $4.99 for one month, $9.99 for three months, $14.99 for six months, $29.99 for two months.

Available jackdapp gay dating functions

As explored by many in the jackdapp app review, it is standard for all gay apps. It features a customisable profile, push notifications that alert you of new messages, and a feature that displays the people that have opened your profile. Not only does this app have terrific filters and scenes, but also offers you a chance to determine interest based on aesthetics. If you match with a guy who showed their interest in your photos, the two of you are notified, and a conversation can ensue from there. The interface and browsing features are very smooth. You will notice that loading photos and profile details are easy and effortless as you will not experience download issues.

My View 

jackdapp gay datingIn my opinion, Jackdapp gay dating is one of the best gay dating sites for Android or iPhone/iPod users. After an extensive observation and testing of the app, I noted that it is actually not just the best place to meet gay men for a relationship or just friendship, but it is also a very private app. Gay men are considered to be in a minority group. Usually, people in such a group can find it hard to hook up with other people of the same interests. However, according to my research and the expression of the jackdapp app review, this app caters to all types of men.

For new members who do not know who they are attracted to or those who are trying out new experiences, jackdapp has everyone covered. It also allows every user to view all the scenes at one go. The user is also free to view each scene separately and privately. Such a feature offers you a deeper experience that is conspicuously lacking in other gay sites. Another feature that I found intriguing is the ability to have a deeper search on each scene based on certain factors. One, you can choose a scene based on age, height, ethnicity, weight, photos, new profile, or online activity.

This alone enables you to get closer to your perfect guy. Also, as expressed in jackdapp app review, you have the opportunity to search for a partner from any part of the world. Narrowing focus to a certain area opens a bigger avenue for tracing the right partner within a short time. I found this appealing, especially if one is travelling to a specific destination and needs some kind of company.


Although jackdapp gay dating site is terrific and it’s actually better than the Android version, it crashed several times and had bugs too. Uploading pictures took quite some time, but I assumed the connection was poor for that moment. As much as the site deserves a five-star rating, my jackapp app review would give a rating of 4.5 for now. I give this rating because; for one, the interface is modern, clean, and simple.

I tried tapping on a few locations and noticed that it was not responsive. Once these issues are addressed, the rating will certainly get to the five-star level. Over and above, as brought out by the jackdapp app review, jackdapp gay dating is a one of the best ways of meeting new guys without the club atmosphere. In fact, this is the best social app I have laid my hands on despite the few challenges I encountered. Finally, with this jackapp app review, I will have to rest my case with the rating of 4.7. If you are interested in gay hookups for a romantic relationship or friendship, this is the site for you as the jackdapp app review have found it credible.

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App Store 3.5/5

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Windows Phone Store 3.5/5