Score Review


Promised Great Things But Has Been Left to Rot

The score dating app has been in existence for around two years on all platforms. It’s been promising users the ability to find a perfect match based on a series of engaging and fun questions. However, the reality of the situation is quite frustratingly different, as this Score review will explain.

Score Review – The Facts

The score dating app was created in 2014 by Apptigo, and on the Android store alone has seen some 10,000+ downloads. The focus appears to be more on the fun dating and hookup side of things. There is no specific emphasis on this over serious relationships. The app is free to download on both Android and IOS. It simply requires a Facebook account to get set up, ostensibly to root out spam accounts. This is also so that the app may use personal information to complete the user’s profile. There is no solid age focus; any adult is potentially able to use the app, although it does have an admittedly ‘younger’ feel.

What You Get

score reviewThe way the app works is simple; the user signs up with a Facebook account, and can then start searching for other users based on geographical location, age, interests or just about any other desirable demographic. The match’s photo is intentionally blurred when initially brought up on the screen. The user then has to answer a secondary set of questions upon initial setup that establish the user’s ‘score’. These questions are set by the app. They help establish what the user has as their interests, be it childhood TV, favourite holiday spots, food or political leanings. Anyone searching can then ask these questions or leave the app to randomly match with a like minded person as it sees fit. Once a good ‘score’ has been established, both users can see their match’s photos. They will be able to interact with each other and take things further.

The idea behind this is to break through the wall of simple demographics such as age or ethnicity, and get down to the ‘bare bones’ things that matter; what would we want to curl up on the sofa together and watch? Where would we go for dinner? What TV did we grow up on as a kids?

How Does It Measure Up?

Unfortunately, this score review is not glowing, and the reality of the app is far less exciting than the promises made by the manufacturers. Setting up the app was a real task on any Android device (and three were tested separately!) After the sixth attempt the app finally made a successful link with Facebook and searching was made possible. However, not all questions to establish the best match are free.

For anyone wanting to look at things from a more initimate angle (in particular sexual preferences and must haves) certain questions require payment to be unlocked. This wouldn’t be so bad, but the volatility of the app is enough to put anyone off paying anything as it continually crashes. After three times the app crashed irreparably and would not work any further. This would appear to be the case for many users judging by the harsh reviews on both platforms’ app stores.

score reviewno updates since 2014

This may also account for why the app hasn’t been updated since 2014. Many of the so called ‘matches’ were far from ideal. Infact, many matches were based in the USA, some 5000 miles away. Others were blatantly clickbait, either inserted by the app’s manufacturers or by online chancers hoping to ensnare unsuspecting users. This effectively negates the app’s promise of getting rid of spam profiles. They’re clearly still there in plain sight and make up a large percentage of profiles. Other users have commented on separate websites and blogs that these profiles have infact been seen on other small time dating apps. This score review is not the first to expose this issue.

The user interface of the app was one of the few saving graces. It’s bright, modern and user friendly. The system is largely ‘turn key’ in that it’s very easy to navigate and the app, when working, guides the user nicely through the set up process as well as instructing on how to find matches. It’s just a shame that users rarely get to take advantage of this and it serves more as a reminder of how good this app could have been.

Score Review – The Rating

It’s rare that an app will get an incredibly low rating. This score review found a minefield of errors and issues. Normally, a bad user interface is the price to pay for successful results and a good match. Similarly, even if there are some teething problems, there’s normally some reassurance for the user by those in charge that things are being worked on. None of these two payoffs are present.

The app appears to have been all but abandoned by the manufacturers and left to rot with all the other unsuccessful dating apps. This explains the virtually total incompatibility with any modern device and a mire of fake profiles. Some of which have appeared on other similar apps. This is now nothing more than a spammer’s paradise, as well as a money pit for anyone foolish enough to spend money unlocking questions. It’s a real shame, as with an injection of some effort and innovation, the app really could have been a market leader, breaking through the usual ‘age/sex/location’ process and really attempting to match users on the things that matter. Instead, it’s clearly been written off as a failure and as such this score review gets one out of five.

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