Spice Dating App Review


As a single person, I always enjoy testing out new dating apps. I’ll discuss my experiences in this Spice dating app review. A new app on the market that seems somewhat familiar.

Spice Dating App Review – What You Need To Know

I’d never heard of Spice before so I was excited to download it and try it out. The app is pretty new, so I was unable to find any other singles in my area. I did manage to get a grip on the features and explore what the app was all about. The website claims that the app is a ‘new high-quality dating app’, which I think is a very accurate description. Features are very similar to another incredibly popular dating app that we all know and love (The one with the red flame logo), you know which one I mean. It’s simple, familiar and has very affordable premium membership options. In time, this app could gain the reputation that other top dating apps have received.

Spice Dating App Review – The Stats

As the app is very new, stats are hard to come by. However, with a little bit of research I’ve managed to put together a few. Spice is currently only available on the Google Play Store. There is currently no indication of when it will become available on IOS or Windows. I’d say that the target market is mainly 18-30s. However, the app does allow members to search for a broader age range up to 60 years old. The main focus of the app seems to be fairly general, like others with the ‘swipe to like’ feature it’s down to the individuals to decide whether they are looking for hookups or serious relationships. The app is new to 2016 but I can imagine that with the right exposure, membership will be strong in the next couple of years.

The app has only had 1,000 downloads at this stage so it’s pretty difficult to find anyone in your area. This may differ for those in major cities. It wouldn’t appear very worthwhile to sign up to premium membership just yet. The premium membership is reasonably priced however and does allow members to join on very flexible terms. Unlike other apps, members can sign up for premium membership for as little as one week. Premium membership is priced as follows: one week $2.99, one month $6.99, 3 months $14.99, 6 months $26.99, one year $49.99. As the membership is priced in US dollars, it could be possible that Spice is currently more popular in the US. As a UK citizen, I cannot confirm this and was unable to find any information that indicated that it was, though.

Spice Dating App Review – What It Packs

As mentioned earlier, the features are very similar to the hugely popular app that allows you to swipe left or right to indicate your interest in someone. This means that it contains all the features that we are all familiar with. Which includes the ability to create a short profile/bio and add several photos. You can also search filters that include gender, location, and age. Or use the classic anonymous swiping that allows members to message each other if they match. The features are the same for both men and women. One thing I noticed was that the app allows you to add more characters in your profile/bio than others on the market. This is a great feature that allows users to go into a little bit more detail in regards to what they’re looking for, and to showcase their traits.

Showing signs of potential.

spice dating appSpice is definitely showing signs of potential as the next app to take the dating scene by storm. Although members are currently very low I can imagine in a couple of years time and with the right promotion, this app will be a great alternative to others currently on the market. I think the developers have gotten a little ahead of themselves in terms of premium membership. At this stage, premium membership seems pretty futile. I was unable to find any members in my area but still had the opportunity to explore the app’s features and I was quite impressed. It has everything you need in a dating app. I wouldn’t say that it was very unique. Maybe with the right marketing Spice will be able to create a more individual brand identity.

The app runs smoothly and is very well designed and simple to navigate. I was also very impressed with the premium membership options that allow flexibility and are reasonably priced. As mentioned, I would be hesitant to pay for premium at this stage. If, however, these options and prices stay the same when the app gains a little more popularity, then it could make it a great contender in the market. The app also allows members to hide their profile if they wish, which I think is a really useful feature. Looking at the main website belonging to Spice, it’s evident that the company is concerned about the wellbeing of members. There’s a section dedicated to ‘Safety’. It provides tips and information for members to stay safe when using the app to meet others.

Spice Dating App Review – The Last Word

I do hope that this app takes off. I’ve downloaded a lot of new dating apps recently that are attempting to fill niches. Spice isn’t attempting to fill any niche. They are instead, trying to become a more affordable premium app that is similar to the top competitors. It may help if the developers add a few unique options, but I’m sure they will as the app gains popularity. I’d recommend signing up to boost the member base but stay away from premium for the time being.