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Twindog is a very popular dating app for dogs created by Holidog to bring together like-minded, dog owners locally. The main aim was to help dogs socialize more through the help of dog owners, who are burdened with the responsibility of arranging play-dates or suitable mates for their dogs. Dogs just like kids have lots of energy, if you neglect their social needs; they may get frustrated causing them to be very destructive.
Even though it revolves around dogs, Twindog review can actually bring two dog owners together in friendship or love. Sometimes getting friends or companions who share our love for dogs is almost impossible. It is only a dog owner who understands the love and joy the canine friend brings. Here is a quality Twindog review, which can help you and your dog.

How does Twindog work?

  • Download a free Twindog app today on your phone.
  • Take photos of your dog or both of you (your dog and you)
  • Create your pet’s profile: a photo of the pet and you.
  • Browse profiles of other dogs near you.
  • If you like what you see swipe right to “like”.
  • If the other dog owner returns your “like”, you are free to start exchanging messages and photos.

When both dog owners have come to an agreement and decided to give their dogs a chance, a date is then set; dogs meet and familiarize with each other – they often smell each other’s scent and play around. Meanwhile, the owners can socialize. The conversation with dog owners can be endless as people exchange dog’s photos and share ideas about training techniques for their dogs. You might just be lucky to find love for the both of you on one shot.

Twindog Review FAQ

  • How long has Twindog been around?
    Twindog app was launched in June 2015 by Holidog, after being worked on for 8 months.
  • What is the focus of the app?
    The app majorly focuses on your dog getting a playmate and/or puppy love. The app is meant for both single dog owners and couples. Twindog gives its users two options: finding friends for the dog, and/or the dog owner. The app has led to success stories for the dog and the owner, with some even resulting in marriages.
  • How many people are on Twindog?
    Twindog has grown very popular, especially among the singles. The first month of its launch saw the app getting 100,000 users. Julien Muller – The CEO of Holidog, confirms that new users (about 2,000 – 3,000) join daily.
  • Do I need to pay for the app?
    You do not need to pay for the app. Twindog is totally free. Download Twindog on your device today and sign-up for free.
  • Can I connect with dog owners from my area?
    Twindog is popular in France, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries. If Twindog is not already in your area, then it is on its way.
  • What languages are Twindog available in?
    Twindog is available in several languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Spanish.
  • Is there any age restriction for users?
    There is no age restriction for Twindog users since the main focus is on the dog. However, several social media only accept adults to sign-in. for Twindog however; a teen can join as long as the parent consents. Children below the age of 13 are not permitted to use Twindog.
  • Can I use Twindog on my device?
    The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

What it packs

  • When you are signed in, you have given the option to choose your preference: Men, Women or Couples.
  • You also need to indicate the age, sex and breed of your dog.
  • You are required to upload your dog’s recent photo and probably yours.
  • Other information about the dog owner such as name, age and sex are also required.
  • After you have successfully signed in, you are given an option of swiping right to “like” a profile or left to reject it.
  • Twindog uses your phone’s GPS to locate people in your area who match your criteria; a list of different profiles will then appear. It takes both users to swipe right to get a match.

How Twindog helped me find love

twindog dating app reviewAt first, I was reluctant about using Twindog since my friends had narrated to me some awful experiences they had with some dating sites. I then convinced myself that I needed to do it for Tammie my dog. It was quite obvious that Tammie wasn’t socializing enough. Because of that she was very restless and bogged me down with continuous whining and barking. Tammie had literally caused the breakup between me and my ex-girlfriend, who insisted that I had to choose between the Tammie and her. Of cause, I chose my dog, lol.

Signing up on Twindog was a faster means of meeting a dog person, and a date for Tammie. The first two dates I got from Twindog were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, I never gave up, I tried one more time. My first date with my girlfriend was awkward, our dogs didn’t quite connect. I spent the entire 3 date hours running after Tammie. We decided to try one more time, this time, I invited her to my place. Thank God Tammie was a bit relaxed.
I’m so grateful to Twindog review I finally succeeded in finding a mate. She is fun to be with and most importantly she has no issues with my dog. My girlfriend has, in fact, helped me with Tammie. Now Tammie and Foxy (my girlfriend’s Chihuahua) are so fond of each other. What else could I ask for? Twindog review helped me kill two birds with one stone.

I would like to encourage people to be patient. It is much hard to get the right person in life. Finding a companion or a playmate for your dog is even harder. Don’t give up yet, there is love out there waiting for you or your dog.

Twindog Review Rating

4 stars out of 5

Twindog has had several cases of success. I would have given it 5 stars if not for a few thing I think it needs to work on.

  • Muller’s claims about Twindog being a dog oriented app aren’t so true; for instance, it is more likely for users to right swipe for a pretty little girl than an unattractive adult irrespective of the looks of the dogs.
  • Twindog does not define who it is really meant for; do most owners hide behind their dogs to get mates or is it truly a dog thing is not very clear. This may cause the conflict of interest; for instance, humans may be biassed – they may stick around even if their dogs don’t really connect simply because they like the person.
  • The option for the dog’s age doesn’t provide enough options to choose from such that one can only select the dog’s age in years, not months. What if your dog is only a few months old?

You don’t have to wait to stumble on your soul mate as you walk your dog in the pack, check regularly on Twindog review.

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