Flirtomatic Dating App Review


Having been single for quite some time, I was curious about online dating. Iecided to join a few different dating apps to help me meet new people. One app in particular stood out from the others, Flirtomatic – an online social networking service designed to allow singletons to chat and flirt. Continue reading my Flirtomatic dating app review.

I was so impressed by this site that I was compelled to leave a Flirtomatic dating app review, to let others singletons know that online dating can be fun and isn’t as daunting as it seems.

Flirtomatic dating app review: What you need to know

I was first introduced to Flirtomatic by my friend who swore by the app after bagging herself several dates within three weeks of downloading it, and I must admit, this caught my interest.

Downloading the app was easy, and free! It took a matter of seconds and I was able to set up my account and start browsing for potential matches almost instantly. The free account allowed me to send and receive an unlimited number of messages which was great, but I opted to pay a small fee for extra features, – I will go into more detail about this later on in this Flirtomatic dating app review.

Flirtomatic dating app review: The Stats

Flirtomatic was founded by Avi Azulai and Mark Curtis in 2005. They were looking for an fun and innovative way for people to flirt. Its popularity soon increased rapidly. Accumulating 100,000 members by 2006. The app currently has 3.5 million registered users, with reports showing that the average user logs in at least six times a day.

Flirtomatic is suitable for users of all ages. Whether you’re just looking to make some new friends, have a good time or find someone to settle down with, there is someone for everyone. The only condition is that you have to be over 18 years old to register an account. The app is available in a variety of countries including: Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and the United States. It comes in several different languages: English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Flirtomatic is also available on a range of mobile devices. You can log on from your smartphone, tablet and even your laptop as the app is available for download on IOS, Android and Windows. For the purpose of this Flirtomatic dating app review however, I downloaded the app to my iPhone.

Flirtomatic dating app review: What it packs

flirtomatic dating app reviewOne especially great thing about Flirtomatic is that they monitor its site to maintain appropriate content. Which is ideal for online dating users like myself who seems to be a magnet for overly-forward and indecent messages!

Searching for people was easy. I was able to find guys near me using the location setting. This allowed to set the radius of my search and find the best ‘hot spot’ to find guys who are single and ready to mingle. What’s the point of talking to someone only to find they live hours away? I was also able to filter users according to age, interests and flirt preferences.

You need to pay for additional features

I mentioned earlier on in this Flirtomatic dating app review that accounts are free. I chose to pay for additional features. You are under no obligation to spend but doing so allows you to purchase ‘flirt points’. Which gives you access to tons of extras. Such as: finding out who’s rated you, seeing who’s checked you out, receiving text alerts when someone comes online and even deleting any low ratings you’ve received.

Flirt points also allow you to buy and send virtual gifts. That’s not all – users who really want to make a good impression are able to send real gifts to the recipients home address! but don’t worry, it’s all very safe and discreet. You won’t have randomers finding out there you live. You’re able to pay on a pay as you go, which is perfect for those who do not want to invest a huge amount all at once.

I personally purchased Flirtpoints so I could promote my profile using the ‘Look at me’ feature. This¬†meant my photo was featured on the homepage. It was allowing more people to see it. If I’m going to spending ages taking the perfect selfie, I’m going to make sure it reaches a big audience!

Flirtomatic dating app review: The last word

Flirtomatic is great – within days of downloading I had already matched with several guys I was interested in. I went on my first date within a week. Although our meeting hasn’t yet bloomed into a full-blown romance, I still talk to him everyday and will be having our 3rd date next week.

I tested out the theory that online dating activities peak at 4:30pm. I found that the evenings were actually the best time to log in. I’d sit in front of the telly, watching my soaps whilst talking to guys who were non the wiser that I was slouched on the sofa and in my pyjamas. It sure beats having to get dolled up and braving the cold in hopes of meeting Mr right at the bar!

After recapping on my online flirting experience during this Flirtomatic dating app review, I’d happily recommend Flirtomatic to people who are looking to meet like-minded singletons as it’s easy to use and non-intimidating, making it perfect for even those who have never tried online dating before.

Flirtomatic dating app review: Rating 4 out of 5

After writing this Flirtomatic dating app review, I feel 4 out of 5 stars is a fair rating. I’ve enjoyed using Flirtomatic and still continue to do so, but I feel like there is room for improvement.

I think the app would benefit from giving all users a certain number of free flirt points to begin with. This will allow them trial certain features and persuade them into buying more. A lot of people will be reluctant to pay for something when they don’t know what to expect.

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