High There Review


What you need to know

High There is a dating and friendship app for, put simply, cannabis users. It bills itself as ‘the only global network for cannabis enthusiasts’, and wants to be a ‘virtual smoking room for the world’. Whether you’re into smoking, vaporizing or chewing on it, High There is the place to meet like minded people. It has a simple format; you set up your profile, talk about what you’re in to, who you want to meet and voila, you’re ready to go. Rather like Tinder, it has a right/left format; if you’re interested you press the right button, ‘High There!’ and if not, you press the left button, amusingly called ‘Bye There!’. Writing a High There review for the site, I downloaded and used the app quite a bit.

It’s free to download and is available both on Android devices and Apple devices; and for this High There review I downloaded the Android version which was quick, easy and straightforward to do.

I added a selfie, and there is also the option to add a video, but I skipped that part. You’re then asked your cannabis preferences, in other words, whether you prefer to smoke, vape or eat. There’s also profile options for what your interests are such as culture, music, food, and others. You then write a short paragraph about yourself and you’re ready to go!

In addition, the app has a social networking element, called Daily Joints, which is a continuous, Twitter style news feed on all things cannabis related, posted by High There users.

High There Review – The stats

High There ReviewHigh There is relatively new, having been around since early 2015, and is headed up by CEO and co-founder Todd Mitchem, who started the company after witnessing his mother’s fight with terminal cancer, and the stigma attached to her search for cannabis as pain relief.

It doesn’t really matter what or who you are looking for; whether friends, hook ups or just chat, so long as it is cannabis related, there is someone on there for you. It’s a very open app too, as you might expect, so whether you are gay, bi or straight, there are search options for you to find someone right for you.

For such a new app, High There has good membership numbers, and in its first four months, had over 115k downloads. Great news if you do download the app too; all features are completely free. There is a ‘shop’ link within the app, but that just links to the High There website where you can buy branded t-shirts, rolling trays and other paraphernalia.

Currently, the app is only available in English. However, with a strong membership base particularly in the USA and UK, this hasn’t proven an issue. The app has a diverse age range amongst its membership. Although it seems to have a particularly large number of people in their 20s and 30s. Whilst doing this High There review I talked to a few of the app’s users, and it seems they were happy that there is at last a cannabis friendly dating and friendship app.

What it packs

The app has a few good features.

Similar to other dating apps, you can set your search criteria (age, sex, distance etc). Then choose to express interest in the person, based on their photo, cannabis preferences and other information such as their description of themselves.

Once you are friends with someone on the app, they appear in your Connections. You can network and chat with them any time you like.

The Twitter type news feed on the app enables users to keep up to date with all things cannabis. Both locally, and across the world, and it has a surprisingly regular stream of information posted on it.

The last word of our High There Review

High There ReviewWhilst writing this High There review, I used the app quite a lot, as you’d expect, to get a really good feel for what the app is about, how it works and its range of features.

My favourite feature was without question Daily Joint, the news feed and social network element of the app. There were constant updates from users, some of them informative, some silly and some astonishing. Just like you’d expect from mainstream social media platforms. People seemed genuinely keen to update the rest of the community on their latest cannabis discovery, purchase or other news and views.

The section of the app dedicated to meeting and chatting to new people was functional. Not particularly user friendly, and dare I say it, was a bit ugly too. The app has some way to go before it competes with mainstream apps on that front.

From a multimedia perspective, the app is great. You can upload photos and videos, and whilst trying the app out, I saw everything from a user’s cannabis supply to a video of a group of friends smoking pot that they had just bought.

I think overall, if you are a cannabis user, and are looking for other like minded people both locally and around the world, High There is the only app out there currently offers everything you are looking for. It is a very functional app, with useful and interesting features. It will probably enrich your life, and from that perspective, it is very good indeed.

However, the app’s usability lets it down. It is fiddly, a bit confusing (especially when altering the search options) and the colour and layout seems inconsistent and even random at times. With a bit of work though, it could be improved.


This is a good app, but not a great app. As my High There review reflects, it is a very focused app with a particular target audience. It is far from the most user friendly of apps out there. The user interface and usability could be much improved. Overall, my High There review concludes with a 3 star rating out of 5. Good, but could be better.

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App Store 3.5/5

Google Play 2.7/5