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What you need to know

Jaumo is a dating app that aims to bring flirting back. That might sound a little retro but, as this Jaumo Dating App Review will explain, this app is all about cheeky winks, hints and conversations started at random that may all just lead to lasting love. Everything about this app is designed to be quick and spontaneous, from the fact that you can sign up in literally one tap of your touch screen to the overall emphasis on being fun and flirty. Opportunity is the name of the game here, and finding new opportunities is the unique selling point of this site. The app’s name reflects that: Jaumo is an Aramaic word for ‘sunrise’. The app’s founders believe that every wink, nudge, or flirt can be the ‘sunrise’ that starts off a new chapter in a romantic singleton’s love life.

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The stats

Jens Kammerer and Benjamin Roth, who were friends in college released Jaumo in 2011. The focus of this app is casual flirting, but always with an emphasis on the fact that what seems like a casual conversation or flirtatious banter always has the potential to turn into something much more serious and long lasting such as a dedicated relationship or marriage. The app’s website stats that it has 20 million users and 1000 new sign ups every week. However, as of April 2017, the Google Play Store placed the total number of app downloads between 500,000 and 1,000000. Collating data from iTunes and the Google Play Store, it seems that the app has over 10,000000 users.

The app is free to use in its basic form. However, it is important to mention in this Jaumo Dating App Review that users wishing to upgrade to VIP status will need to pay $2.99 a month (around £2). The app is available worldwide, but it is especially popular in Germany (where it was developed) as well as in Brazil and The Netherlands. It is available in several languages, including German, English and Portuguese. Though theoretically suitable for all ages, it is particularly popular among those aged 25-35. It is available for Windows, iOS and Android 3.4 and above. One final factoid to end this section of the Jaumo Dating App Review: the app’s developers have stated that 2016 was their best year regarding new signups, and so this can be said to be the year in which the app truly took off.

What it packs

In a nutshell, Jaumo enables you to flirt with other users via your phone or PC. VIP status will get you more profile views and will enable you to view the profiles and photos of other VIP members. This Jaumo Dating App Review is not just about the VIP section of the app, however: in the standard version, there is still plenty to do.

Singletons can flirt by sending and receiving ‘likes’ and digital gifts (which you purchase via account credits), and by sending each other short text messages. Users can also view their ‘match percentage’ (i.e. how much their interests and aspirations match up) with their potential suitors. The same functions are available for both men and women. This Jaumo Dating App Review should also mention that Jaumo has excellent customer service, probably because all app development and fixing is done in house. Customer support is available 24/7.

Jaumo Dating App Review - dating-apps.com

The last word

As its ‘one tap’ signup policy indicates, this is a quick and simple app to use, and the way in which everything is arranged – with short messages, little gifts, and tens of thousands of potential matches jostling for your attention – does encourage spontaneity. However, when navigating the app, one does feel that it is a bit unoriginal. What does it offer that mainstream apps such as Tinder and OKCupid cannot provide? The ‘match percentage’ and messaging format are standard features of most dating apps. Jaumo’s emphasis on privacy is a key selling point, and its cute little digital gifts are a unique touch. Nevertheless, this app is very similar to many other apps currently on the market, so you may as well roll a dice to decide whether you opt for Jaumo or another app.

Jaumo Dating App Review Rating

This Jaumo Dating App Review can be summed up in a single star rating: 3 stars.

To sum up my Jaumo Dating App Review, this is an app that ticks all of the right boxes: it matches you up with potential dates and makes it easy to flirt with and message them from both your PC and your smartphone. Jaumo gets precisely zero points for originality, however. Why should you use Jaumo? Well, perhaps if you are not a very spontaneous person but would like some help adding spontaneity to your life, Jaumo will give you a nudge in the right direction.

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