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The only personal information that this dating app requires of you is your gender. That sure makes you feel much safer to look for love online right? That my friends is the reason I am writing this siren dating app review. The developers proudly describe it as ‘socially evolved’ and I couldn’t agree more. When I first joined siren, after my best friend bugging me for several months about it, I was almost instantly hooked. While penning down the Siren dating app review, I noticed that the app first sets itself aside from other dating and social networking sites. As it’s not requiring a long list of personal information. Which, in my opinion, is what makes a lot of people find dating sites superficial and almost impossible to use.

In this siren dating app review, I have to admit it is quite an impressive site. It prides itself on the question of the day (QOTD) an excellent tool that is eventually used to create your profile. Instead of the cliché and boring questions that other dating sites prefer to use to obtain your information, Siren sets itself apart by engaging its users in interesting conversation evoking questions. For instance, when I first joined I was knocked out of my boots by the QOTD which read ‘If you were terminally ill, what five things would you ensure you have achieved?” I found this interesting and impressive as it involved my mind setting off all sorts of questions. It also indefinitely brought out my personality as I racked my brain for what five things were of that importance to me.

How does Siren work?

siren dating-app review - dating-apps.comSiren dating app, in my opinion, is the modern day means of meeting people without getting spooked. Available in the US and Canada the siren dating app was developed by Foxlike Incorporated on the 12th of July 2014. Is currently on the 3.0.3 version last updated only last year on the 13th of December. This app is available for free download on both iOS and Android. Its primary focus being dating is available for adults From the age of eighteen and above, and is available only in English. This site as you would expect with dating and social networking sites contains mild sexual content and suggestive themes. It did not get away with the crude humor. In fact, one of the questions on the daily (QOTD) happened to be what vegetable would you happily wipe out from the face of the earth. Crude.

Simple format and easy to access

Siren dating app has a simple format with easy to access tabs as well a framework that despite classic simplicity still requires work. It has the home button that takes you to your profile composed of both strange and mind boggling questions instead of faked personality. It also has a connect button that allows you to interact with other users whose answers have sparked interest to you. For privacy this site enables you to decide who you want to connect with. Once you’ve accepted a connection request you can now start exchanging messages. Pictures appear blurred before connection requests are approved. In my opinion is a little dramatic considering most of us prefer to see at least the faces of the people we intend to establish a connection.

You can, however, decide to view it from the another angle and consider this a privacy option that reduces your risk of connecting with people interested for the wrong reasons. In this siren dating site review, it is important that I advise on your security online. Did I mention that this site does not discriminate the LGBT community? Siren dating site is a great way even for the gay and transgender community to interact and take part in the conversation topics of the day. Siren allows you to like people’s answered on the various trivia questions, and this can be an excellent way to start connecting. If you enjoy conversations as a way to know people as opposed to a questionnaire-like form, then siren should be a great place to begin.

What are its flaws?

Nothing lacks its flaws thus it is my duty as well to discuss them in this siren dating app review. First It is only available in English and is only available for download in the US and Canada. This is limiting considering many people prefer to diversify and meet people from all over the world. It also suffers from bug issues, and it can be quite annoying with the many notifications. Most of which are almost useless and sometimes it fails to notify you when something happens. Some users have complained about the photo quality reducing after being uploaded and it can be painfully slow. I saw one review of a seemingly de-gendered female who could not delete her account after mistakenly profiling herself as male. Since you can only use your contact information once it was a treacherous journey with a dead end.

Siren dating app review rating

There’s no absolute measure of what a perfect site entails. After all dating apps lie on one broad spectrum. This dating app does not prevent us from recognizing a poodle within a pack of mixed-breed. This siren dating app review is an epitome of a working app that deserves a go. It must be refreshing to have conversations as a means of getting to know people as opposed to the usual profiling some sites enforce.

This is an exciting and ever-changing contemporary world. Siren dating app allows people to explore the different things and events occurring by having interesting conversation topics posted daily. Each topic varies from games and music to random topics like vegetables and the universe. Interesting way to learn.That is what Siren dating app offers you. All said and done; it doesn’t get easier or safer than with siren dating app. Being young and on the rise, it has outdone its counterparts and gleefully earned itself four stars. Well, that’s it for Siren dating app review!

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