Whiplr Review


Discover all you need to know about this location-based messenger service in our Whiplr review.
Well, now things get interesting! At times it feels that one location-based messenger service looks much like another location-based messenger service but Whiplr are seriously coming in at a different angle. Selling themselves as the service for finding kinky play partners. Whiplr aims itself squarely at those who are looking for something spicier than the norm. As much an extension of the fetish lifestyle as a dating app the app has a fetish questionnaire to make sure you get the right kind of kinky play partners.

Whiplr Review– The Stats

Whiplr is brand spanking new and was only first released last year, with new updates following swiftly after. It’s a free app for Android (requires 4.0.3 and up) and IOS, though there are also paid monthly subscription packages. Unlike Tinder, it’s a stand-alone app and doesn’t connect through Facebook which allows for more privacy. There’s no obligation to link your account to your social media accounts which certainly adds to your confidence in the confidentiality. Though it does make me wonder about safety.

Whiplr Review – What It Packs

Whiplr ReviewI almost feel like asking what doesn’t it pack? A whole range of features come with the app, some conventional and some a little more “out there”. There’s the usual range of other people’s profiles to view and security features like blocking capability. Then there are the extras that make Whiplr genuinely exciting. Not just in a Fifty Shades, pass me my next kinky play partner kind of a way! The Sparks facility gives you a choice of animations to liven up your chats, a nice touch. The events calendar ties in with the feel that this is a tool that has grown organically out of the fetish community, rather than yet another location-based messenger service.
The ability to access “Elite” profiles, and even apply to be an Elite yourself is interesting, giving a little of the addictive multi-level game feel.

Whiplr Review – The Last Word

This is an intriguing app, nicely designed and packaged. Whether it’s for you is totally down to your personal tastes. It’s never going to bring you the love of your life- and it doesn’t pretend to. If you’re the kind who really wants to explore their raunchier side with a selection of possible kinky play partners then this is certainly the location-based messenger app for you. It has a few technical bugs that spoil the enjoyment a little. I found it’s easy enough to download from Google Play Store ( though that’s the wrong kind of “play”. Google are definitely not the kind of kinky play partners I had in mind!) but others have found the odd hitch.

Some found Whiplr’s software mistakenly identified profanities in their profiles and wouldn’t allow them. Whiplr has a surprisingly strict usage code. There were also a couple of difficulties with auto correct, which the app had problems with. It does truly eat battery life. And when inputting fetish preferences into the profile (for research purposes only, of course) there was an issue with the system thinking that the maximum of 15 options had been chosen when actually only 10 had been selected.

Market opportunities

All that being said, this is a market that’s wide open and doesn’t really have any competition and on the whole it’s a nice little app. The website makes it into something far more than that with tutorials on how to set up your profile to attract the right kinky play partners, and how to take the connection safely into real life. Also on the wider subject of fetish play and BDSM and links to events and conventions. If you just used the app and ignored the website I think you’d be missing out on the bigger part of the experience. The website also invites you to take your experience further with something they call Dekadom. That’s where I drew the line and left!

Whiplr Review – Our Rating

There are still a few – let’s call them kinks – to work out of the system. If this is the park you want to play in, Whiplr have certainly got a USP. It’s a nicely put together app so I’ve given it a 4.5 but it was hard to assign a rating as it’s such a specific niche area. If fetish is your thing then you won’t care if there are a few bugs in the system. If it isn’t then all the innovative Sparks in the world won’t persuade you to come in and play.

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App Store 3/5

Google Play 3.9/5