Woo Dating App Review


What if you knew that you could have a wonderfully meaningful connection on your next date? Well, the Woo dating app aims to make that happen. We all dream of bumping into Prince or Princess Charming in a crowded room and hitting it off perfectly. It feels like fate. The app designers at Woo say that they can recreate this feeling by doing all the legwork for you. By creating an in-depth picture of your interests and your wishes for your romantic life. Then matching you up with other singletons who will click with you on a profound level.


What you need to know:

This Woo dating app review will start by explaining how it works. As mentioned above, the aim of this app is to match up people who have similar interests. It does so by asking people to answer a variety of questions about their interests, occupation, and education. The model is, to be quite honest, pretty similar to something like OKCupid. Which makes you wonder whether it is worthwhile downloading the Woo dating app when there are plenty of similar apps around. This Woo dating app review will explain whether it is, indeed, worthwhile.


The stats:
woo app review

Woo has been around for about two years. Its focus is on finding someone who is your perfect match for whatever it is that you want to do. Be it casual hookups, dating or marriage. These matches are not just based on looks alone but on your potential suitor’s answers to dating and lifestyle related questions. So, the idea is that these matches will be much more likely to be correct ones. Rather than matches delivered through the traditional Tinder format of weighing up someone’s looks.

As of December 2016, the app was approaching 5, 000 000 installs. Though this may not reflect the actual number of active users because some people may have installed the app and never used it. Woo is based mainly in India. But as it is rolled out across the world, its user numbers can be expected to grow.

The app is available for iOS and for Android. One important thing that any Woo dating app review should mention is that it is not a free app. Whereas something like Tinder or OKCupid enables you to exchange messages, update profile photos and see other users’ full profile for free. You cannot really navigate the Woo dating app without paying. Paid features range in price from £0.59-£49.99. The Woo dating app focuses on educated professionals. So the target demographic for its users is people in their late 20s and 30s. This age group is also the focus of the publicity stunts and other events that are created by Woo’s team.


What it packs:

On first sight, the Woo dating app looks very similar to Tinder. Both in its layout and also in how you navigate the site by swiping to choose between profiles and by tapping profiles to find out more information. The question and answer format, on the other hand, is reminiscent of OKCupid. So, any the Woo dating app review should mention this, and also the fact that most of the technical features that you get with Woo are paid for (unlike Tinder and OKCupid). Changing your profile picture, and messaging other users, are all technical features that are kept firmly behind a paywall. I paid around £10 in all to access some of these features before wondering why I

Changing your profile picture, and messaging other users, are all technical features that are kept firmly behind a paywall. I paid around £10 in all to access some of these features. Before wondering why I wasn’t using one of the many similar free apps that are out there. Men and women will have a similar experience on this app. And that experience will cost you money.


The last word:

What is my overall Woo review? It’s an expensive version of other, more successful apps. There is nothing about Woo that gives you something over and above what you would get from using an app such as Tinder or OKCupid. Having a quick look at Woo dating app review sites, I have found that many people were surprised that you had to pay for many of the most basic features, and so was I. This should have been advertised more prominently on the app’s website.



My star rating for Woo: 2 stars.

As the review above explains, I was put off from using this app because it asked me to pay to do basic things. Things like messaging someone and changing my profile picture. Yet I can do all of those things for free. And meet plenty more eligible singles – on other apps. The two stars are for the range of profiles that I did find on this app. If they were real profiles, then it is safe to say that, yes, Woo does attract plenty of educated professionals. If you are a well paid professional person, then the cost of using the app may well not matter to you anyway. But, to sum up, my Woo review: will I be using this app again? No.

Download Woo:

App Store 3/5 stars

Google Play 4/5 stars