Parship Dating App Review


What you need to know

If you’re looking for a long term relationship. Willing to travel far and wide. Then Parship might be the dating app for you. However, based on the results gathered during the research for the Parship dating app review, you’re best trying somewhere else if you want to meet people local to you and just have some fun.

The app is simple and easy to use, and you have a guide through each section. The personality questionnaire ranges from the strange to the ridiculous. Filling it in is quite fun and only takes around twenty minutes of your time.

Setting up a basic profile is free and you get to see your compatible matches within a few minutes. Even if you choose not to upload your own photo straight away. The app also offers a Premium paid option. Actually, there are three, and two of them have a contact guarantee. If you don’t get a set number of contacts within a given time period, your premium option is extended for free. Given that the contact number is 5 for a 6-month membership. I think I would rather have my money back than sit around waiting. However, there are minimum terms and conditions for this to come into force. Every form of contact from a ‘hello’ to sending ‘a smiley’ counts towards the 5.

The stats

Parship is a truly European dating site. Based in Hamburg and covering 13 countries in Europe, including the Uparship-2K, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Each country has its own site in its own native language. So while your matches may not be local, they should at least be on the same island.

The site was started in 2001 and claims to have 23,000 new members every week. This Parship dating app review found no indication of overall user numbers. The male/female distribution and graduate percentages listed date back to 2013. They are based only on Premium membership numbers.

Signing up to Parship is free. And, for this ‘low price’, you can set up a profile, take the personality test, and see your matches, including your compatibility score. You can also visit the profiles of those you have been matched with. This gives you an interesting idea of how the compatibility scores work (or don’t). The free service also allows you to contact your matches and get updated matches as they become available. The profile set up as part of the Parship dating app review gave my highest compatibility rating to a match that had, to say mildly, some very different ideas on how to live life.

It is quite difficult to see the benefits of the Premium membership beyond the contact guarantee.

Premium plans provide you with unlimited communication and the ability to search specifically in your local area. If these are compatible matches, they will show up on the main list anyway! The premium packages cost £29.90 per month for a 3-month contract, £19.90 per month for 6 months or £14.90 per month for 12 months. Unless you are expecting to need a year to find someone you want to see in person, the costs really don’t seem to add up. Also, bear in mind that the percentage success rate with a premium package is only 38%. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t give you a success rate percentage for the free membership so there is no way to compare.

One of the benefits of Parship is that the site works on various platforms. This Parship dating app review came via the use of the desktop site using Windows 10. There is also a mobile version that should work across all Smartphones and tablets. For the lucky iPhone owners, there is a dedicated Parship app.

Another benefit for those looking for long-term love is that Parship isn’t aimed at one particular age group. The focus is purely on anyone who is looking for a serious, long-term relationship, rather than a quick bit of fun. The secondary focus is on those with successful careers and potentially at the higher end of the pay scale. So you are unlikely to find many users in their early 20s on the site. The youngest user I found was 27, and that was after changing my search criteria to include all ages.

The Parship dating app review – What it packs

parship-1A thorough exploration of the site for this Parship dating app review found that the app provided everything you would expect from a dating site. As well as setting up your own profile, taking a personality test, and viewing/contacting your matches, you’re able to keep track of contacts, see who has visited your profile and create a favorites list. There are several filters you can apply to the recommended partners list based on age, hobbies, the number of children, height, smoker status, and much more. Just remember the more you narrow your search, the fewer options you will have, and the more you might be surprised by the compatibility results.

There are several filters you can apply to the recommended partners list based on age, hobbies, the number of children, height, smoker status, and much more. Just remember the more you narrow your search, the fewer options you will have, and the more you might be surprised by the compatibility results. Parship also hosts a site for gay individuals looking for love. The site is very similar to the main site, right down to the main percentages that are given.

The last word

In the interests of providing a full Parship dating app review, I, of course, set up an account, which was, to be fair, very quick and easy to achieve. The longest part of the process was the personality test. It came with a preemptive warning that it takes around 20 minutes to complete. However, there are some elements of the questionnaire that I’m still not sure were actually real.

For instance, the temperature that you are most comfortable at – to which the only answers were comfortably warm or cooler (what if you prefer tropical heat?). Also, not quite sure how much the fact whether you sleep with the windows open or not is really going to affect your choice of partner. Oh, then there is the dreams and the picture choices. If you can work out how they help you meet your life partner, then you’re better suited to the app than me.


The app is very simple and easy to use and, best of all, it’s free. If you’re looking for long-term love and have some time to spare, it’s worth putting up a profile and checking out your matches. However, with only a 38% of finding lasting love as a premium member, I would keep it free and not hang all your hopes on the one site.

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